Blobombs in first shatters boss need to be changed drastically, or removed entirely.

2021.09.16 23:38 JanShmat Blobombs in first shatters boss need to be changed drastically, or removed entirely.

The potential, particularly in the jump phases, for other players to ignite them in your retreat/drag path on purpose or accident is way too high. First boss is significantly safer to solo than to fight in a group, assuming you're good enough to solo at all. I'd know because I've done a handful of solos, and the boss fight is always far more predictable and safe alone than in a group.
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2021.09.16 23:38 Hunny_Bunny716 Can’t find glider shop?

Does anyone know where the glider shop is located? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks!
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2021.09.16 23:38 Burt-Macklin-26 Has anyone posted on Reddit about something they thought would be anonymous, but you could identify they were talking about an interaction that involved you? If so, how did you know, and what did you do?

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2021.09.16 23:38 AnkitaK_writes07 Her husband always admired herbal cures, that's why he rubbed one such herbal liquid on her body when she had a bad flu.

Only when he lit the matchstick and threw it at her, she realised she couldn't smell paint thinner due to her blocked nose.
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2021.09.16 23:38 colt145 The digital version of Andy Serkis LOTR was released today. CD version will be released October 14th.

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2021.09.16 23:38 eion247 My first colony and takeoff (yes I used a kill box)

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2021.09.16 23:38 EscapedDawn188 Whats the best general use character out of these 3

Im not sure who to play out of these 3 and am looking for insight before i main one of them as theyre all the same fun level for me.
View Poll
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2021.09.16 23:38 EastWorm PSA: BGL's wife fucked David Spade very recently.

Pass it on bubba.
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2021.09.16 23:38 rapidlax Savage X

I discovered Savage X shafts through youtube and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them? They look solid and for 20$? (out of stock rn) btw I play goalie but prefer attack length
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2021.09.16 23:38 NuggetNeo 800 ft above altitude

Is anyone else still having this issue ? Level at 27000ft and I got those dreaded words from ATC 😭
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2021.09.16 23:38 Common_Commercial_10 Any PwC Seniors still waiting to hear more about the Discover luxury retreat they emailed us about over a month ago … 😂

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2021.09.16 23:38 RosieGirl7667 She Said I Couldn't Come Back!

I was told by a commenter that this story would be a good fit here. It's pretty long, so I apologize in advance!
Maybe this one will be accepted in this section? I have no clue. It's a doozie, so sit back and I hope you have some snacks and a drink of some sort!
I got my first job on September 21, 1993, when I was 17 and in 12th Grade. I had to get a job for a career class I was taking and worked there for a grade. I worked in a grocery store deli and GAWD, did I hate that job. I hated the original GM, and the deli had rotating managers for a few years. The first deli manager was a workaholic and over-stressed, so she took sick leave. We got another manager, and she was a sweetheart, and not as uptight as the last was. She just complained a lot and wasn't as organized as she should have been.
I got tired of the deli after maybe two and a half years of working there. I left for a while but got bored at home, making no money. I went back but as a cashier. I loved being a cashier. Even though I was stuck inside, I still got to look out the window and see society. Deli was a section of the store that felt hot, depressing, and isolated. It was also easy to sneak food and drinks to the back and eat it. I didn't do that, though ... a lot. LOL! We could also hide our little snacks when the manager or store security guard strolled back there to see what we were doing. Oh yeah, we were all munchin' back there!
Anyway, low and behold, the deli manager managed to beg the new, young GM to let me and another girl come back to the deli. I and the girl were PISSED! We went back and complained to him. I said, "I came back on the condition I didn't have to work in the deli. I HATE it back there!" He told me and the other girl, "This is only temporary! I'll have you both back up to the front as soon as I hire somebody, I SWEAR! It'll be two weeks, tops!" Two weeks turned into months, and I was getting fed up. The only perk I had was my GM had a crush on me, and let me go to the bank with him on the clock to make bank deposits.
The second deli manager left, and I and the other girl were stuck in the deli. The other girl got to go back to being a cashier, though. So, that just left me. I was PISSED! We had no clue why our deli manager left, for one. For two, my GM broke his promise to me, and I didn't want to be stuck back there! What the hell was going on? All the store managers loved me, which was a perk, so it wasn't as horrible as it could have been. I just wished they loved me enough to give me more of a raise. By the time I left there, I think I made $4.75 an hour. The '90s were tough times. I was just glad to be making $0.50 more than minimum wage!
At one point, we got our old manager back, and I was glad to see her. She wasn't there for very long. She hated the job, and just couldn't take it. It wasn't her passion anymore. She said that job wasn't worth her sanity. Little did I know the next manager would prove her point. Things ran smoothly in the deli, and we expected that the Asst. Deli manager to be promoted to Deli Manager, and the principal bread baker to be bumped up to Asst. Manager. I was cool just staying on as a crew member because I was paid more than all the almost three previous years, and worked with my friends! I was chillin'!
We got a new manager who wanted to be known as a "ball-buster". She was a major bitch and we ALL hated her. Her name was "Carrie". No, not her real name, but ... She was a brown noser from hell and changed the way things were done. She wanted the deli to be pressure washed weekly, and a few other ridiculous rules. We started calling the woman Crazy Carrie. MAN, we hated her! And I don't like "hating" people because it's a wasted emotion and uncomfortable. So, her stupid rules.
Here are some of the highlights and the problems with some of those highlights:
- "Don't put condiment packets in with the fresh sandwiches! The customers have to come up and ask for the condiments!" I would get yelled at for not following that rule sometimes.
Okay, cool, Carrie! Except, this was an inconvenience to customers who only wanted to run in, grab something quickly, pay for it, and run back out on a 30-minute break! When I had to explain to irate customers why their usual mayonnaise and mustard packets weren't in the container with the cold cut sandwich, they were annoyed. "You're usually very good about including those, Roz! What happened, you have a bad day?" 'No, sima'am. Our new manager *pointing to where she was at the end of the counter, listening* says I can't include those anymore. She wants y'all to walk up here to ask for the condiments now. *looks over* RIGHT, CARRIE?' She would look up and glare at me, to which I would laugh because I knew I was being vindictive and obnoxious. The customers walked away glaring at Carrie for the inconvenience.
- "Don't fill the ice machines to the top! Ice machines should be filled every couple of hours!"
Okay, Carrie, fine. Except doing that will delay all the other duties we have (you know, taking care of customers by slicing meat and cheeses, making sure food on the steam table was fresh, etc.). Also, customers rather enjoy just placing their cups to the nozzle and ice comes out. They don't like to stand there having to wait on us to stop taking care of other customers to fill the ice machine that should already be filled!
- "Bag up the fresh, hot bread from now on. Don't wait for it to cool off. I think customers would like the bread to be fresh and hot from now on."
Uhh, yeah, Carrie. Except the bread is bagged in plastic and fresh, hot bread in the bags would cause condensation. Condensation means the bread is now wet. Wet bread, in my humble opinion, isn't very appetizing. Wet bread also means it would go bad quicker. You know ... mold! PLUS, hot bread is almost impossible to slice on the bread slicer when customers requested it.
- "Don't wash the tea machines, coffee pot, juice machines, and soda nozzles so often!"
Oh... sure, Carrie. Except, I am a card-carrying, 100% certified by the Department of Health food worker. That means I have certain standards I feel obliged to abide by. Including providing food and drinks prepared under sanitary conditions. NOT washing those things resulted in bacteria. Bacteria could result in customers getting sick. Also, the tea machines form a residue when not fresh. The residue that you can smell AND taste. The tea tastes sour and NOT fresh.
But hey! Who was I, as a Certified food worker under the Department of Health, to tell her how to do her job? She didn't know what the hell she was doing and just wanted to exert dominance over others. I threatened to put in my two-week notice but didn't have a job lined up yet. I was told by my best friend/co-worker at the time, "Carrie told me to tell you if you leave, you can't ever come back for your job!" Fine! I'm not even supposed to be in the deli anyway! I just laughed and said, "Tell that bitch I said thank you!"
She used to yell at us for stupid shit. Basically, not complying with her ridiculous rules. She also tried to get us (read: ME) in trouble with the GM (until I told him what REALLY happened. I would usually end it with, "I hate that bitch!"). He would usually nod and leave because he knew me more than he did her, so he could trust me. Whenever she went to him with anything, he would always come back to me to tell him the real story. Shortly after was when I finally put in my two-week notice. He didn't put me back at the registers as I wanted, I was tired of the deli, and I was REALLY tired of that freakin' CRAZY CARRIE!
When a person from the arts & crafts store in the same strip mall a few doors down came in, I asked if they were hiring. She said, "Yeah! Just come in tomorrow when the manager's there. You'll probably be hired on the spot!" I filled out the application, got an interview in a very short time, and I was, indeed, hired on the spot. I was paid $1.25 more than what I was getting at the store and hired full-time. I went to the store after being hired (I was due to start my new job the next day) and I turned in my smock and let them know I was quitting because I had a better job. I didn't care that they were mad. I left there on September 22, 1997, four years and one day after I started.
Here's the sweet payback. Fast forward to October. I had my first apartment with my boyfriend at the time (now ex-husband) and we went to the store for some food. When we walked past the deli, I saw what had to be 200 or more containers of sage cornbread dressing stacked from floor to ceiling. The deli took orders for turkey dinners during the holidays with a hot turkey, sage dressing, potato salad, and dinner rolls. Or, just the fresh hot turkey. The sage dressing was not good! I just shook my head and went, "Wow! That's a lot of dressing! Glad I won't be here!" Just as I said that my now former best friend/co-worker ran out of the deli to catch me.
"Roz! Did you see all that dressing back there?"
"Yeah, I did. What the hell? Why so much? And why this early? That usually doesn't come in until around a week or two before Thanksgiving! It's just October!"
She laughed, "That damn Crazy ass Carrie! She over-ordered too early and now, we don't have room for it all! We never get that many orders!"
I just shook my head. "Most of that shit's gonna go bad."
"I know it! Look, Carrie wanted me to ask you if you would come back, just for the holidays."
My boyfriend snickered. He knew how much I hated Carrie and just walked a few steps away.
I lifted my eyebrow and shifted my weight to my right leg, "You mean the same Carrie that always tried to get me in trouble, even though it didn't work? Brown-noser, extraordinaire, mega-bitch Carrie wants ME to come back?"
"Yeah, just for the holidays."
"Didn't she tell you to tell me that once I left, I couldn't have my job back?"
She nodded, "Yep, she sure did!"
"Well, I want you to remind her of that for me. And then, you can tell her I said to kiss my ass!" And I grinned sweetly. "See you later!"
My boyfriend and I walked away cracking up. It felt so good to be able to let that bitch know how I felt. I don't know if my friend told her what I said exactly as I said it. She probably just told her I said no. Either way, it felt good to see she was getting some kinda Karma served to her and she saw she needed me WAY more than I needed her! OH, by the way. Some of the dressing did go bad. Some of it had to be served on the steam table before the holiday. A lot of it did go bad, though. Mary had to re-order it according to how many customers actually wanted it.
I don't think she was the manager there for too long.
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2021.09.16 23:38 eh1111 I haven't been keeping up with pre-orders. Is it safe to order and assume it'll ship by the end of September like stated on the website?

Hi! I just decided I really want the Jammy Evo. However, I haven't been keeping up with pre-order delays and stuff. I have been hearing it has not been the smoothest ride.
With that in mind, you guys that pre-ordered a while ago and are more in the loop with your previous experience... is it safe to assume someone ordering today will receive it by the end of September?
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2021.09.16 23:38 anassyaki Add voor beste en echte premium

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2021.09.16 23:38 CoFfeE460 ILPT REQUEST: Id shipping time longer than expected

I ordered an if from topfakeid on July 29 and still haven’t received it (September 16 now). I know fakes usually take a long time to come but a lot of people were saying they got theirs within 2 weeks. I want an id but don’t want to pay for another one (I have emailed them but they won’t respond) pls help what do I do?
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2021.09.16 23:38 DeVindicator Freshie Nap Time

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2021.09.16 23:38 survive_to_die Cost effective moisture trays: 57cents for each tray, $8 for bag of lava rock. It holds moisture better than stone and after about 10 trays, I still have most of the bag left. Has anyone used crushed lava rock in soil?

Cost effective moisture trays: 57cents for each tray, $8 for bag of lava rock. It holds moisture better than stone and after about 10 trays, I still have most of the bag left. Has anyone used crushed lava rock in soil? submitted by survive_to_die to orchids [link] [comments]

2021.09.16 23:38 QueenTheirins Is it just me or are the kids extra rude this year?

Had a kid THROW a fruit snack at me the other day and said, “Open it”. Do you do that to your parents? I was just completely stunned at the lack of respect.
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2021.09.16 23:38 million44wildy Covid: The lives upended by Australia's sealed border

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2021.09.16 23:38 RAD_Zac Some Fresh Meat! Now just have to get'em out there and get a few thousand rounds through them.

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2021.09.16 23:38 MagickMare ADI Bernese Mountain Dogs?

Are there any ADI certified organizations that use Bernese Mountain Dogs for PTSD? The VA has a new program that requires ADI certification to qualify, and I am already very familiar with the breed.
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2021.09.16 23:38 MisterFibster Need help with Starbirth

Need help with Starbirth I've been trying to complete Starborn for the first time, but I've been stuck by the abyssal nest part because it's in the middle of the ocean, over half an hour away from land. The worst part is that I don't have any exocraft for this nor a way to get them here. What should I do?

Landed as close as I could
At Location
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2021.09.16 23:38 l0lek Get ready for Tales of Aria Prerelease!

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2021.09.16 23:38 k6yne olá, alguém aqui ?, 21 anos é tarde para começar a aprender programação competitiva ?, por onde começar ?

Olá, boa noite, vou começar o curso de ADS e tenho forte interesse em maratonas, em principal as online como codeforces, topcode entre outros, quero ter capacidade de resolver tais problemas com algoritmos, mas não sei por onde começar, alguém pode me ajudar ?
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2021.09.16 23:38 AviriTheGoob [XBOX][H] Striker White Helios [W] Offers

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