Любовь зла, полюбишь и осла

2021.09.16 22:44 Kostya74mozg Любовь зла, полюбишь и осла

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2021.09.16 22:44 KThingy Hi everyone! Just got my Everlywell tests back and made a Dr. appt. What questions should I be asking?

Hey folks! So I am a former fighter that has had a few concussions and hearing about the possible link between head trauma and low test along with some physical and mental symptoms made me curious. I sent off for an Everlywell free test test (lol) and got some super low results back <10ng/mL. I definitely have some lifestyle changes to make at the moment due to some solid Covid depression I'm just now coming out of, but I've been struggling with these issues long enough that I think it's possible TRT might help me. So I made a Dr. appt for blood work and I'm just curious if there are any questions I should have ready for my Dr. Thanks in advance, hope you all have a good day!
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2021.09.16 22:44 Monk_Philosophy Fernando Tatis Jr. smokes one off Gausman to double the Padres' lead in the 3rd

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2021.09.16 22:44 buttermilkpancakemix Help!

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2021.09.16 22:44 simplyperk Is 18 too early to move out or should I wait?

Like let's say my parents don't need help with anything, I have enoguht money to move into an apartment, should I move out now or should i wait until I am older?
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2021.09.16 22:44 Great-Opportunity-53 How bad is it?

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2021.09.16 22:44 EverySunIsAStar No, the Richest One Percent Don’t Pay 40 Percent of the Taxes.

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2021.09.16 22:44 Remarkable_Witness19 am i

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2021.09.16 22:44 KezMetch The United States of Pumpkin Spice

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2021.09.16 22:44 LonelyBoy_21 Decided to check out a nearby Best Buy after my dentist appointment and ended up leaving with these

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2021.09.16 22:44 matty0650 Deal?

Any you heads wana see GNR At wriggly check the box office just scored 2 pit for 60 each
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2021.09.16 22:44 Bet_ama_bahis_degil kapak tasarımı deyince de seda akgül

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2021.09.16 22:44 angry_jets_fan Reminder about the state of the year

For the Red Sox 2021 was a rebuild year. For the Yankees 2021 was a championship run year.
We are currently neck and neck and the remaining games to the WC looks brighter for us than them
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2021.09.16 22:44 midwestrogue31 Taylor in Belfast and location hi-jinx

I feel like lots of people have forgotten about the interview with CBS Sunday Morning. She was promoting Lover. Anyway, she was asked where she was “living these days” and Taylor sidesteps the question while illustrating that she can’t disclose that….all her addresses are public. So she generally doesn’t try to stay in one spot for too long or have too many public appearance in any one location. She’s had armed stalkers show up to her homes many times - she even carries medical grade wound dressing with her in case. So let’s keep in mind that if Taylor is “spotted,” not just by paps but by fans taking pictures, she absolutely is intentionally letting you know what she’s up to. Her skipping the Met Gala has been a nearly 5 year long thing. But this year she very publicly displays how she’s skipping the Met to support her man. I even saw someone comment about fake wall plugs to make it look like she’s in London with Joe. I think it has less to do with bearding and more to do with safety.
Remember we’re living in a world where and Ariana Grande concert in England gets bombed, Bjork got sent a bomb, Madonna, John Lennon. All those cases, the attempt/assailant was successful or REALLY close. When you reach Taylor’s level of fame, you live with a target on your back.
I think we should be a little more sensitive towards Taylor and her situation. She not “crazy” for faking/lying about where she’s at - she’s not doing it to beard - she’s doing it to be safe. And coming out puts an even bigger target on her back. She’s absolutely being strategic and using it to her advantage though.
What are your thoughts?
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2021.09.16 22:44 thatdragoonplayer Man I am never gonna win as stealth B, at least I’ve unlocked stealth C.

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2021.09.16 22:44 jtpepper02 Parked on the side of another decade (Canon Elan 7e / Sigma 50mm Art / Kodak Ultramax 400)

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2021.09.16 22:44 EvilBertMacklin Big ok vagina lips???

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Add my snap: KINGPACKSPLUG to buy all three links for 40$ or 15$ each. Text my snap (40$bundle) if you want all three or (15$pack) for one of them.🔥🔥🔥✅ submitted by AIsalty to Baddiesonlyxxx [link] [comments]

2021.09.16 22:44 dieausnahme fruited in August in a deciduous and coniferous woods in Austria. This is the only picture I have

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2021.09.16 22:44 theREALymerejx friendly reminder leading up to Faces rerelease

yall ever think about the fact that he was only 22 when he dropped it? it's really easy to get lost in how insanely good he was and forget the fact that he was graduating-college-age when he dropped arguably the best mixtape of all time
not to mention WMWTSO at 21. Macadelic at 20. the guy was not human
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2021.09.16 22:44 heathsweeper Red is her color 👌

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2021.09.16 22:44 slaminsalmon74 As someone responds to rural unmarked houses all the time I feel like I can agree with her.

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