Antonov scheduled to take off at 8:40 as of now (VDA5053) Volga-dnepr Flight Tracking and History

2021.09.16 23:33 Sarafina_312 Antonov scheduled to take off at 8:40 as of now (VDA5053) Volga-dnepr Flight Tracking and History

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2021.09.16 23:33 Unabraded Looking for a workout buddy on campus

So, after a decent bit of weight loss I’ve been wanting to get a little more muscle definition, and figured that the new semester was the perfect time to do that, considering that the corec is free for students.
Upon visiting the gym the past couple days however, I have come upon the realization that I have no idea how to do anything 😅
I was wondering if anyone would mind showing me the ropes one of these days so to speak. We don’t necessarily need to work out together, just explaining how to properly do whatever machines or workouts you do and letting me watch would suffice.
Or if anyone had some general advice that they would be willing to spare that would be greatly appreciated as well 🙏
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2021.09.16 23:33 Zeiferrr Made this looong dragon

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2021.09.16 23:33 ViperNerd Hard drive is dying on pc. Can anyone recommend the best bang for your buck SSD around $50? Amazon prime preferred. Thanks!

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2021.09.16 23:33 OverByThere_Innit Which of these 5 would you pick?

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2021.09.16 23:33 OBIWAN02 What is domain and range of f(x)?

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2021.09.16 23:33 Awkward_Exercise9256 Auf welches Bild von sinamarie soll ich cum Tribut machen schickt bilder dm

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2021.09.16 23:33 CrustyDustyIIII do i have bad friends if they rarely invite me to things and only meet with me once every 1 to 2 weeks, and i always have to ask to meet with them and they very rarely ask me to meet?

have no idea where else to ask this question
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2021.09.16 23:33 massumii Book about a girl living in a corrupt government.

I read this book in my towns library but i can’t seem to remember the title,or author. The cover has a girl walking up a hill beside a forest with a wolf following her i think (it was white). So it’s about this girl living in a corrupt government and her parents think that the government killed her uncle because he was a journalist and was writing bad stories about them. so she had to move to the country side and live with her grandparents. And she becomes friends with the veterinarians daughter. Her mom calls her grandma but the girl can’t speak to her mother because the government is listening to their phone calls. i really need help finding this book. i’ve been looking for it for over a year!
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2021.09.16 23:33 HotwifeMio Today’s early evening smoke choice

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2021.09.16 23:33 imadojoe Are there any lots in Atlanta to purchase phones in bulk at wholesale prices? Lawrenceville specifically?

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2021.09.16 23:33 Mary_Pick_A_Ford What are some stereotypes of Native Americans?

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2021.09.16 23:33 reddit_feed_bot DailyCaller: Police: Man Allegedly Smoking Blunt Spits On Father And Daughter, Threatens Them With Knife

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2021.09.16 23:33 Loriol_13 People with rough childhoods: How do you feel that it shows now that you're older?

I had a rough childhood, myself. Long story short, my father beat my mum a lot, and when they separated, they fought because both of them wanted less custody of my brother and me. I don't remember ever sitting down at the table and eating as a family. This is keeping it very short. There was a lot of anger, fear, and violence in my childhood. I saw people being beat up badly in front of me, and my brother and I were even homeless for two days, once.
How does it show in me, today? Not that much. I was always in my own bubble, so I never absorbed much of what was happening. I always thought I had a normal childhood, until I got older and put two and two together.
That said, I keep telling people that having good parents is overrated, cause I came out fine, right? To people's surprise, I have a master's degree, and my hobbies include reading, drawing, poetry, and horticulture. I have a good job, and I'm living comfortably with my salary. There is this teeny, tiny thing, though. Whenever I see a warm, 50 years or older person with good morals, I just fantasise about them being my mothefather. I do mean fantasise. I have met some people whom I ended up fantasising about growing up in the same loving household with. It happened a couple of times. It always feels so shameful and sad, too. I'd die of embarrassment if they'd ever find out.
There's also this other thing, actually. I love sitting down and eating with people, like we're family. I used to live with two close friends of mine and we tended to cook for each other and then sit down and eat together. That was so special, to me. I never told them, because I didn't want them to start doing it specifically because of me. I wanted it to keep happening naturally, like it had already been happening. They're both not the staying glued to their phone types, as well, so the meals were like something straight out of a 90s movie family at the table scene... except, you know, we were three 28-year-old dudes calling each other names and arguing about insignificant things.
If you had a rough childhood, how does it show in you today?
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2021.09.16 23:33 KesslerStormblade98 Riku? You feeling alright?

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2021.09.16 23:33 hugosea This is fr terrifying

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2021.09.16 23:33 iqBuster How-To: Safely torrent on Android with BiglyBT: Network Interface Binding guide (video/text + screenshots)

This is currently the only safe way to torrent on Android. Aria2App potentially will be in the future.
Video link, 1:09. Step-by-step screenshots below
BiglyBT: How to bind network to VPN on Android

  1. Connect to the VPN
  2. Go to BiglyBT Settings
  3. Scroll down, "Full Settings"
  4. Full Settings -> Mode
  5. Under Mode, select "Advanced" to show all settings, go back
  6. Now in Full Settings you will see "Connection", go there
  7. (Recommended) Scroll down and enable "I2P Network", it is an alternative Internet, a bit like Tor
  8. (IF YOU NEED TO CONFIGURE PORT-FORWARDING) Scroll back up, change "Incoming TCP + UDP listen port". Then disable "Randomize listen ports on startup"
  9. Go to "Advanced Network Settings"
  10. Look at the gray text under "Bind to local IP address or interface". These are the available network adapters/IPs. Only when your VPN is enabled will you see its additional IP addresses/interface. In my case it is "tun0" with IPv4 and IPv6 fde6:... + fe80::50bb...%tun0
  11. When you have found that VPN interface, enter its name above
  12. YOU MUST DO THIS TOO: Scroll down, enable "Check bind ... on startup" and "Enforce IP bindings ..." and "Pause downloads on loss on binding" (this last one is recommended)
  13. (PORT-FORWARDING USERS): Also change "Bind to local port"
PS: Increase the upload speed for seeding if you can.
7 (Optional, recommended)
8 (Only for port-forwarding)
9, 10, 11
12, 13
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2021.09.16 23:33 Rubentraj Actually pretty wild

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2021.09.16 23:33 NoSite3062 Paid a shop to paint my 68' Camaro...showed me the finished product and it's not satisfactory. What do I do and how can cooler heads prevail here?

Paid someone to paint my Camaro. Today he said it was done and there were definitely pinholes, places where the hood was put back on and grinding on the new paint job, wavy door, and an entire spot of primer that never got painted on the fender.
This guy is a gruff, big fella and I want to make sure I can get across that I expect a finished product and that these things are fixed before I take my vehicle.
He was out of the shop before I left and ended up calling me - told me it was a beautiful job. And that I'd have to fix some things - which blows my mind.
I believe I have been taken for a ride. What would you do?
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2021.09.16 23:33 Heavenstobettsy Can you still purchase BBIG and dually be given TYDE shares or was yesterday the deadline? I’ve seen conflicting info

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2021.09.16 23:33 Maleficent_Hat980 Looking for a jeweller who can custom make this ring

Dear all,
As the title, please reach out to me if you can help create something similar to the ring on the link :) Ring
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2021.09.16 23:33 KevinFromIT6625 Maybe my meme broke the internet...

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2021.09.16 23:33 ApprehensiveHumor2 Need Corsola - please add me 091351614388

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2021.09.16 23:33 kobebean_24 What’s considered US clinical experience?

When a program mentions they require USCE, do observerships count or only sub internship/clinical elective?
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2021.09.16 23:33 kkatxa Which one is correct? Is both ok?

Te quiero mas que todo el mundo Or Te quiero mas de todo el mundo? Thanks!
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