I hate my life.

2021.09.16 23:37 Prestigious_Wait8859 I hate my life.

I have crippling social anxiety and I want to interact with people so bad that it psychically HURTS. It’s so fucking frustrating that I’m crying just thinking about it. I just want some fucking friends to have fun with
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2021.09.16 23:37 DannyMThompson Weekly shop

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2021.09.16 23:37 jaodosjamalwkdjjd do yall remember whole lotta redditors

i was just thinking about it for some reason
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2021.09.16 23:37 urmomgonnuts I recut the Matrix 4 trailer just because

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2021.09.16 23:37 bb_mur MSI afterburner always showing lim Temperature but temp is only 60. Is this normal?

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2021.09.16 23:37 physhstyx13 Can I count my shifts waiting tables as running?

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2021.09.16 23:37 SedimentSock82 Turned my near 2 year old beard into a goatee to prep for a neck tat next month

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2021.09.16 23:37 Bittoons FREE NFT Giveaway! Fav All, upvote and comment address!

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2021.09.16 23:37 throwRA81738394 My friend made a weird comment while we were hooking up

My friend 24M and I 23F got really drunk the other week and hooked up. By the time we were in bed, I was pretty messed up, and so was he. We had been having sex and messing around for an hour and he still had not finished. Another hour into us messing around he said, “I feel like I can’t finish because while we have sex, I picture you as one of the kids I coach”, wtf. He coaches high school soccer. This comment is so off and uncomfortable. Earlier this night he had been saying to me how he likes to talk to girls younger than him because they are easier to manipulate (by younger I mean the girl he was talking to was 20/21 and he’s 24). Idk I was thinking about this and that just sounds off. He’s a high school soccer coach and says stuff like that… he also follows the girls on Instagram from high school. He always says he can relate to high schoolers Bc he wasn’t there that long ago. I haven’t siren him since this night because all of this stuff has been weird.
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2021.09.16 23:37 Plontan They don't know da wae

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2021.09.16 23:37 Flyaway_5 I am a woman and have always fallen in love with older women?

I have never dated anyone or want on a dating site to find someone. It's just when certain women impress me, I get these imaginations in my head.
I did this in school. I always thought that the female teachers just loved me. Now that I am working, every time a coworker acts really nice to me and impresses me, and always calls me by me name, I fall in love and can't stop thinking about her. I keep thinking, "Is she in love with me?"
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2021.09.16 23:37 MISFITofMAGIC Xiegu G90 - Auto Power On?

I have had my G90 for a few weeks now and all of a sudden today it won't power off. I'll hold the power switch and it will shut off, then it boots right back up.
I looked at the settings, and did some searching but have come up empty handed.
Has anyone else had this issue? If so. What was the fix.
It does this on battery or DC power supply.
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2021.09.16 23:37 chromo011 Manometry experiences

Hi all
After a year of swallowing issues and crazy weight loss, I managed to see one of the leading GIs who has indicated I might have achalasia. He wants me to do a barium swallow and manometry next week.
I had an endoscopy done a few months ago and found it to be really quite bad. I had it done via my nose as I know my gag reflex is awful and even still I gagged like a mofo. I think I gagged so much I tore a muscle in my ribs...
How bad did you find the manometry test and what was it like compared to an endoscopy (if you had one)?
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2021.09.16 23:37 Dtrinnie 🚀 Only Bull 🐮 Stealth launch 🔥Let's Bull Togeher 🚀

🚀 Only Bull 🐮 Stealth launch 🔥Let's Bull Togeher 🚀 

Telegram 📪: https://t.me/onlybull_bsc

Countdown on website ✅: http://onlybull.space/

Contract : 0x33c91246cad017044c9f5f8ac1a8c594ed4ec2b2



What is Only Bull? If 2021 taught the crypto world anything, it's that community driven crypto tokens are in high demand. The people want control of their token and strong communities of holders can build that have each other's back! That's why we created Only Bull token and it's pretty bummed about the fact that so many people can miss their change to gen on the moon rocket!

We are young and strong team of devolments with experience in crypto from 2019 year. We know how to properly build strategy and ensure the safety of all token holders! We are always ready to help and answer any question that interested you!


💰 Total volume - 1,000,000

🪐 Potential 100x

🔐 LP Locked for 30Days

💯 Active Developers

🌍 Intelligent Marketing Strategy



Relinquishment of ownership 🔒


Telegram 📪: https://t.me/onlybull_bsc

Countdown on website ✅: http://onlybull.space/
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2021.09.16 23:37 XxItsNowOrNever99xX Everyone is complaining about the lack of pack sales giving them no way of getting diamonds. But months ago when those packs were still here, people hated them because the odds were too low and because it was essentially a lootbox. What made you change your minds about it?

Please don't think I am trying to sound accusatory or call you guys "ungratful" or whatever, because this is a genuine question. I've been playing this game for approximately two years now, and I remember when those pack sales were still a thing. And every holiday when there would be a pack sale, I would hear a lot of people on this sub hating on the pack system, because the odds were too low for them to get enough fusions, because it promoted gambling and felt like a cheap way of acquiring new characters, or complaints that the packs had shit characters.
But now that those pack sales seem to be missing, a lot of people are pissed. I'm just curious as to why a system that was so criticized or even hated now seems to be missed by a lot of people. For me, I'm upset that the only feasable way of getting diamonds now, the towers, don't give you enough for it to mean anything, but I am glad to not have to rely on the packs because I hate the feeling I get from gambling and wasting thousands of souls for just a couple diamond fusions.
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2021.09.16 23:37 nosepimple666 rdfdg i finally made Kasaga's family members inculding her

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2021.09.16 23:37 queefings what tf do i do with this fish

I spent 10k badges for this ugly fish because I thought I could invite my Male Manipulator BF Vyn to the island but idk how to do that. Someone pls help so I can live out my delusional fantasies.
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2021.09.16 23:37 stuffstuff88 Newbie to RRSP/TFSA - Advice please - ON Canada

I would like to open my first investment accounts and would appreciate advice. I live in Ontario:

  1. Income is 45000, should I stick to just TFSA for now or is RRSP worth it for my tax bracket. I am 42 so long term investment for retirement is my main goal. Or both?
  2. Should I let my bank manage this for me or should I do a Questrade portfolio instead? I'm with TD and I am not able to do any self directing investment.
Thank you for your time :)
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2021.09.16 23:37 FinancialApricot4715 Now that I know this little red dot is enemy’s K-9 I’m more prepared to take him down! Screenshot of the leap of death 😮‍💨😅.

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2021.09.16 23:37 snguyen626 [USA-CA] [H] Gigabyte 3060ti Gaming OC Pro[W] Local cash, PayPal

Never opened. Local preferred but don't mind shipping.
730 Local / 750 Shipped
Local to 91746/626
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2021.09.16 23:37 Gengar-094 Is there any better bike for me than the Luna Folding ebike?

Hi, everyone.

I've been cycling a lot for the past year. Most of my trips are on bike, though they are pretty short.
I think 5-6k would be a good amount. I just sold my car for way more than that and I spent like $5k just on insurance over the past year so I'm saving a ton of money even if I buy a really pricey ebike. I am open to used.
I want something comfortable for everyday use, maybe an upright bike. I'd use it for getting groceries, visiting friends, etc. Having some space for panniers would be great. I do a lot of cardio everyday and am not that concerned with the fitness aspect of biking.
I'd be riding everyday. Most trips are pretty short, but some will be up to 25 miles each way, that's what I really want the electric part for.
I'll mostly be riding on roads and pavement with a lot of traffic. It's mostly flat, but will have to go up some hills.
I live in NYC.
I'm 6'0, 170 lbs. I'd say I'm pretty fit. Right now I am training for a marathon. But again, I want an ebike.
I am looking for an ebike for everyday use. I want something that I can fold down and take on the Subway/Communter Rail/Amtrak. The max size for Amtrak is "34" x 15" x 48"" and the MTA just says I need something under 32" in width. I will only take the ebike there about once a month, but I still want that option.
I want something that's not too heavy and that folds easily and quickly. The Luna Folding ebike is 38 lbs and is just above the dimensions Amtrak mentions: 16.1" x 33.9" x 25.6". Though since it's just a carry on bag, I think that extra 1" should be fine?
I also want something with the option to use either pedal assist or a throttle with a good motor and a good sized battery. The Luna has a 750W mid drive motor and 700Wh battery.
I also want something that I can put panniers on and use easily even without the motor.
My main concern with the Luna is the folding frame. It doesn't seem as good as something you'd see on like a Trek Tern bike.
So is there anything that has a powerful mid drive motor and a large battery that's nearly as light as the Luna and has a better folding mechanism? The price isn't too important.
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2021.09.16 23:37 Michael003012 Cia TikTok meme

Hey guys can someone link me the CIA interventions meme video hasan watched on stream. One guy took multiple roles and played the cia history
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2021.09.16 23:37 shablabadoops awesome cardano nft project!

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2021.09.16 23:37 Makaneek My Mentor Machiavelli

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2021.09.16 23:37 themfledge Black swan cygnet - Auckland

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