My eyes burn

2021.09.17 00:35 Rmon_34 My eyes burn

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2021.09.17 00:35 R3draptr New Humble Bundle Black Library Audiobook Bundle!!
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2021.09.17 00:35 Calligraphy97 I feel like a Jerk for wanting to end their friendship

I feel terrible at this point for wanting to end my partner's friendship with another person. Read our story and give me advice!
Note this is a LONG Post.
About Us:
My Partner (MP): My partner is non-binary and has recently discovered they believe themselves to have the capacity to be in a poly relationship but hasn't really practiced it since they discovered/ recognized this while in a relationship with me. They are NOT direct.
Me: I'm a female and I'm demisexual. Not sure if I'm bi or anything else cause I've only ever had a deep enough relationship with one person to feel sexually attracted. I work hard to be sex-positive. I am also NOT Direct.
Friend: Also a female and bisexual. Very openly sexual (her type of joking constantly includes sex) and often enjoyed talking about stuff she's done with past partners during sex. She is VERY DIRECT (e.g. she refused to take a hint to leave our house late in the evening after we had her over for dinner once saying we just needed to tell her to go when we wanted to. We hinted at it being late and wanting to go to sleep 4-5x and she still didn't. So eventually we had to outright say "Please go away we want to go to sleep." This felt very rude to me).
The Story:
So here's what happened MP and I have a female friend. She is more MP's friend than mine but we've all hung out several times. I know she's had some rough experiences with other couples being the 3rd in a couple of relationships (sexually and just as a friend). It's hurt her and she's lost several friends and relationships when someone in the pre-existing couple got jealous. This back story for her to show why I am double guessing so much.
My partner has been hanging out with her sometimes to help since she has an awful job that has caused her to have some self-harm and even suicidal thoughts. I was glad MP could help her. Until MP came back one night and told me they had a conversation about both having feelings for each other. I was hurt that they talked about it and my partner didn't come to me first. I was also pissed off at her it felt like she bridged emotional boundaries (you might be physically attracted to someone for no emotional feelings takes time) and possibly physical ones as well (she's always asking for foot and back massages). On top of that, I was worried I would lose my partner.
My partner took a week off from going over so we could sort things out together and have time to talk. They both kept texting though. MP assured me that our relationship has lasted 3 years and a lot of shit from my family isn't going anywhere. MP's feelings also after a week are already dissipating. But apparently, her's aren't. MP has been very considerate and is doing their best to balancing my emotions, hers and their own which is a lot. I am trying to help MP with their feelings as well and to help MP to actually have time for themselves to process and realize they are only responsible for their actions and responses, not other people (important).
But now the friend is pissed off. She says MP promised not to tell me about said conversation which makes no sense since something like this obviously would affect our relationship and good relationships are built on communication and trust. Plus I could tell something was off as soon as they got home that evening so I asked. MP doesn't remember making any such promise about not telling me and I am doubtful they ever would. MP told me they talked about not wanting to hurt me so I think that's where she maybe got the idea MP wouldn't tell me but it was not a promise just a recognition of emotions and the pain this would cause. She also says MP promised not to hurt her. MP says they promised not to intentionally hurt her (back when there were no feelings). This was not intentional but apparently, she thinks it was? She believes these things so fervently that MP even though being pretty confident they never said any such thing is starting to double guess themselves.
Anyway, now she's betrayed? I literally DON'T understand if anything I should feel betrayed that she would talk about this with MP and then expect them not to tell me. I should be the one to feel betrayed that MP talked about it with her before me (though I recognize it just kinda came up while MP was there). They never did anything sexual so it's not like MP betrayed her trust or like they were in an actual relationship. They were friends. How could talking to me, their partner, be a betrayal especially about something that could have a huge impact on our relationship? And I unlike other partners have still tried my best not to step between their friendship because I don't want to be a jealous bitch and I know she's already lost a lot of friends to jealousy. Which you would think would be her main concern considering her back story. I've tried to stay calm and not be pissed off at her. But the way she keeps yelling at my partner through text is making it hard for me not to feel protective of MP and the fact that she seems to have the aforesaid expectation of my partners not to talk to me which would not be healthy for our relationship is NOT helping.
Us being able to openly talk about this has really helped both our relationship and us as individuals to work through our emotions (fears, thoughts, feelings, ideas) and how to move forward from this experience which has been all-around painful. We're planning to read some books and continue discussing open relationships and poly relationships and what that would mean for us (me being Demi them being Bi and Poly in a currently monogamous relationship).
I find her personality overwhelming after extended periods of time and being Demi means I would most likely never be able to develop a deep enough relationship with her to be able to enter into a poly relationship with her as one of the people. My partner would never force me into something like that either because they respect me and my boundaries. And as I stated before MP's feelings are already abating. She also has very different values from MP and I that would cause a lot of friction given time. Plus this friend said they never wanted to be a third again because of past experiences! So, what I can't understand is why she's so mad? It doesn't make sense to me. Maybe you all can help me.
She said she didn't want to lose her friends. I am trying to respect their friendship. She said she's lost people before when one partner in a couple got jealous. I'm fighting my jealousy and my anger. I have done my best not to take out my feelings on MP or her. But she's still pissed off at MP and I don't even know how she feels towards me. All of this has not made me want to maintain or grow a friendship with her, which I was working towards before. This response is actually making me really sad because before all this she was really fun to hang out with for a couple of hours and I was hoping I might be able to have a female friend (most of my friends are gay or non-binary).
I wasn't originally going to do anything regarding their friendship but her response to all this has really upset me. Not even in a jealousy way but in a what the FUCK kind of way. So, now I find myself reconsidering. But then I feel like I cause my partner to live into this friend's fears that one person in a couple will always tear apart her friendship/relationship. Then I find myself wondering if she's done this with the other couples she talked about and if that's what actually cause it to fall apart and not jealousy? I know jealousy is a strong emotion and I've seen many relationships ruined by it so that is not to say jealousy couldn't have ever been the cause. But an expectation that a couple of weeks could outweigh years seems absurd to me in a healthy relationship (maybe my demi side speaking). And she has all these weird unhealthy expectations about how MP should have interacted with me (it's our relationship, not hers).
Then on top of this, you have the fact that MP was helping her deal with self-harm and suicidal thoughts and now obviously isn't able to do that since she's so mad at them. And MP is worried she's going to do something and then blame them even though neither of them ever planned to get feelings.
So...Am I the jerk for being pissed off at this point and never wanting to see her again? Am I a terrible person for wanting my partner to drop the friendship? It seems so toxic at this point with the way she basically yells texts at MP, holds MP accountable for things they didn't say, and it feels like she's up in the business of our relationship. But, maybe it's just how I'm perceiving it and how I'm perceiving MP emotional response to receiving these texts which is causing MP a lot of stress and anxiety?
What should I do?
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2021.09.17 00:35 FusRoDahMa With the Hearth and Home Update today, I had to. :)

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2021.09.17 00:35 Silver_Sherbert_887 Kayla throwback pic. Twin day at P.K.

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2021.09.17 00:35 Mynewsify-Website Commentary: North Korean missiles tests – Kim Jong Un won’t stop and options are shrinking, Latest News

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2021.09.17 00:35 universe_of_sand 6-Layer Chocolate Cake

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2021.09.17 00:35 Psyga315 If you see a video where someone goes "I won't be getting any sleep tonight", you can give them eternal insomnia by playing that video every day.

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2021.09.17 00:35 Effective_Hunter3727 I'm (F/18) not a gamer but I want to spend time with him (M/20)

My boyfriend loves video games and really wants me to play along. I'm not a fan, especially because I get motion sickness just by scrolling my computer screen and can't focus on the controls. He has an X-box and I just recently got a new PC, we've been playing Terraria for a few weeks and it's been the only game that doesn't make me extremely sick. Tips for playing along on Steam?
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2021.09.17 00:35 throwrapirsele Is texting less normal as a relationship progresses or is it a warning sign?

When I (21F) first started dating him (24M) about 2 months ago, we would text everyday and it would rarely take him more than 3 hours to reply. Now it would take the entire day for him to reply.
We only see each other once a week because I’m still in school, but when we do see each other he’s really enthusiastic and seems to be super into me.
Then I go home and it’s like I don’t even matter to him, although he does apologize for taking so long to text back, he got a promotion at work and is working late all the time, etc. Now by the time he texts back I’m almost always asleep and I went the whole day without hearing from him.
I really miss the days before his promotion when he could text me throughout the day. He always says he loves me and that he’s always thinking about me at work but I’m starting to doubt it. If he really cared wouldn’t he have 2 minutes to shoot me a message? He’s working from home too.
I feel like my emotional needs aren’t being met but I’m afraid if I talk about it with him I’ll seem clingy.
Should I just break up with him because it seems like he’s not as interested in me anymore?
TL;DR: Boyfriend has started texting less and I think he’s losing interest.
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2021.09.17 00:35 Atroviolaceus Hello! Curious to see what you all can tell me about my chart! Curious what it may say about artistic abilities and anything you are willing to take the time to share!

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2021.09.17 00:35 Treydy Help understanding 811 utility markings

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2021.09.17 00:35 veixxbeats Freestyle Beat - "ANGEL DEVIL" | Free Type Beat 2021 | Hard Fast Rap Trap Beat Instrumental

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2021.09.17 00:35 HotMomentumStocks Duck Hunter Sentenced for Violating Hunting Laws

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2021.09.17 00:35 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-francois-de-la-rochefoucauld-71

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2021.09.17 00:35 astralcrazed These criminals are up to no good. They’re curled up and plotting their escape from the window. It’s just a matter of time now!

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2021.09.17 00:35 Au-slackin China’s Property Problems Go Beyond Evergrande. This will possibly effect Nestle, hydro homies.

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2021.09.17 00:35 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC) E CHARLESTON BLVD / S CASINO CENTER BLVD 9/16/2021 3:17:24 PM incident #LLV210900068983
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2021.09.17 00:35 Intricate_Zebra Mind the profanities, but holy fluffing shoot! When's the last time you saw (if ever) the bottom sections of the home side so lowly priced for resale?

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2021.09.17 00:35 dawnsbraindiesdaily I'm stuck in a loop

I know it's not that major and that a lot of people have it worse, but I'm just exhausted.
So my specialty therapy ended. I've not seen much change at all. Just getting medical confirmation.
The geneticist who's the only person who can diagnose EDS in the country refuses to diagnose me, despite everyone treating me like I have EDS. That's her team that administrated the therapies and they're all convinced I have EDS. She demands I come to her for a follow up diagnosis. She has a two year wait for appointments and last time, her secretary yelled at me for insisting to set an appointment because she refused to schedule any more appointments.
Add to that, I've been diagnosed with PCOS and the solution is birth control pills. More estrogen. It was kind of okay at first, but now at the start of my second month on them, my joints have lost all sense of being and I can't eat without extreme jaw pain. I don't know if it's the chronic kind or the once in a while kind.
None of the prescription painkillers help me anymore and I'm waiting for my appointment with a pain doctor. In several months.
I can't get disability rights because I don't actually have a diagnosis, which was news to EVERYONE at the clinic because the geneticist never sends undiagnosed patients there.
School's about to start and I'll have to actually go out with my pseudo-pots (because the technician who did my tilt never heard of pots and decided it's vasovagal syncope. For some reason. Probably because I don't look sick enough)
All of the advice I can find online is to loose weight. I'm on liquid nutrients only and can hardly keep myself on a healthy weight and not fall into underweight.
I'm terrified the solution to my PCOS will be to remove my uterus or something because even though I know I'm scared of having children, I don't want the option taken from me and I don't want to go through menopause at 22!
I'm just exhausted and I'm stuck in a never ending loop of treatable conditions making non-treatable conditions even worse and symptoms popping up like zits.
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2021.09.17 00:35 Mynewsify-Website California teacher hangs ‘F*** the Police,’ ‘F*** Amerikkka’ posters in classroom, FOX News

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2021.09.17 00:35 StickmanMusic Freddyloafers iceburg

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2021.09.17 00:35 askingCMUquestions Phobe Bridgers concert tickets 9/17

Hi everyone! I'm selling 3 tickets to the Phoebe Bridgers concert tomorrow night (September 17th, 6 PM) for $50 each. (They were originally about $65, $65, and $125 each including fees, so we're trying to get some of our money back) Due to some life circumstances, my friends and I aren't able to attend, but we hope we can help some of you go if you'd like to! Please reach out to me over private message if you're interested!
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