Parachuting pollies into safe seats fuels political cynicism

2021.09.16 22:40 DawnSurprise Parachuting pollies into safe seats fuels political cynicism

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2021.09.16 22:40 ThePeregrine_87 NPD: new pet/pen day - Pelikan M600 Vibrant Orange + unnamed orange kitten

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2021.09.16 22:40 richardd08 How am I able to trade BTC and SOL perpetuals on dydx if they only require me to connect an Ethereum wallet?

Also, if dydx is decentralized why are US users not allowed to trade on it?
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2021.09.16 22:40 DrSuessical Worth Coming Back?

Hello! I haven’t played this game for 10-ish years now(I think I left after the initial release of the demon slayer class) and I’ve thought about jumping back in. What’s the state of game right now? Do they have any fun classes to play?
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2021.09.16 22:40 KillerTofUiNMA Her

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2021.09.16 22:40 jlmcarthur7 [STUDY] Technology, Social Media and Romantic Relationships

We’re looking for Canadians and Americans, aged 18–25, who have been in at least one romantic partnership to participate in our two-part online study exploring perception and experiences of cyber dating aggressions. Study is approved by Saint Mary's University REB (#21-109)
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2021.09.16 22:40 AppleSauceJake Nicest Terrace and bathroom

My friend in terrace 4 had a single room and private bathroom (he’s a sophomore) does anybody else have that in terrace? What is the nicest terrace
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2021.09.16 22:40 ottersforever Sleepy puppy!

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2021.09.16 22:40 Crocubots Thanks, I hate plushies

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2021.09.16 22:40 Igoigo2217 Can someone help me i just buyed stride vr and the world is bugged/corrupted

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2021.09.16 22:40 -moseechev- what

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2021.09.16 22:40 gmanskull31 Oh no

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2021.09.16 22:40 RegExrBot POP! Heroes: Batman & Robin - Poison Ivy - Specialty Series now available at The Mighty Hobby

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2021.09.16 22:40 RyanLegit26 Cash tip reporting

So i make between 12-20$ a week in tips ans i always forget to report them, my shifts said it isnt a big deal and none of them do it and theyve never got in trouble. Is this true?
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2021.09.16 22:40 K0sm0sis What’s your favorite PlayStation (4 or 5) exclusive?

Sony has such a diversity of great games. From Journey to Shadow of the Colossus to God of War to Bloodborne.
What’s your favorite game we can’t get on Xbox and why is it your favorite? Looking to see if I missed any gems in my massive backlog.
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2021.09.16 22:40 Mammoth-Experience78 Xbox Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

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2021.09.16 22:40 NohBhodie I thought about it a bit, and I realized that I am quite happy at my job now.

Less than a month ago I was depressed, maybe a little suicidal, and had absolutely no energy to do anything, let alone clean. I had trouble sleeping, felt sick all the time, with frequent headaches, nausea, the works. I had been with this company, working in this inbound call center from home, for almost a year now, and I'm still a contractor. That means no PTO, no sick days, no holiday pay, no benefits of any sort. They keep dangling that carrot in front of me. Recently, they changed the position on all of us. It used to be one line of business(LOB) for eleven states (which wasn't bad, since the information was easy to find, and it was all laid out clear as day). Texas was the state that called the most, followed closely by Cali. But they took us all off the phones for a week of "training," added two new LOB's for them, and expected us to maintain the same level of output. It went from maybe six to seven minutes between calls, to maybe one minute. And it wasn't like we just answered the call and gave them what they wanted, assuming that the information for the other two LOB's could be found, let alone deciphered. There were notes that needed to be taken, files that sometimes needed to be sent, emails to be written. And unsurprisingly, no extra pay, no raises, not even for the direct employees. It eventually became too much, and despite the fact that I was already on thin ice due to using up all of my UPTO/"Sick Days", I took a week and a couple of days off. I didn't do a damn thing during this time, just slept and fucked around on Steam and shit. Eventually, the feelings of anxiety left me, and I felt like I could at the very least log in and try to make sure I at least had enough for another month of rent.
While setting everything up on the day I came back, I had a realization. I was using a physical phone that the client sent to all of the agents for this company, instead of a virtual phone. There was a button that I pressed when I needed to make an outbound call(usually when I get disconnected from whomever I was speaking with), and I remembered that one day I accidentally tapped it while stretching, and the time between calls was about double than normal (think two minutes instead of one between calls). So on a whim, I pressed that button once every few seconds for about half an hour. Not one call came in. The outbound call button effectively reset my position in the queue to receive a call. I tested to see what the average time between calls were the following hour, and surmised that I had maybe a minute and some seconds from one call to the next, so I hit that button as close to a minute as possible.
It's been about a week now. I haven't done a goddamn thing since I came back, save for a few calls I let through, just to keep my QA scores consistent. I feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I'm not feeling drained from talking with these people who ask really fucking dumb questions that tell me they didn't even try to look up the information themselves before calling. Honestly, the hardest thing I do now is hit that stupid button. I have the energy to clean, I'm not mentally fried, I almost want to say I feel great. Hell, typing this out has been a little cathartic. The only thing bothering me now is having to wake up at five in the morning, but I think I can manage to do that now.
I have no idea how long I can get away with this, but I am gonna milk it for all it's worth. I'm kinda looking forward to work now.
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2021.09.16 22:40 wrrtiannopa Interesting article from a couple weeks ago

Was looking at the GDX chart and noticed what looked like a triple bottom. Looked into it and apparently this might be a good sign for the next couple years
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2021.09.16 22:40 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Property Damage ST ROSE PKWY and S LAS VEGAS BLVD; EB AT. 09/16/2021 01:37:59 PM
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2021.09.16 22:40 Drone2Address #drone #droneimages IFC what you did there

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2021.09.16 22:40 Crab-Parking Anyone else tired of being forced to afk grow because it's the only way to survive? Or are y'all sick of servers with paragraphs and paragraphs of ridiculous rules? Do you want the freedom of being able to actually PLAY the game? Then my server might be exactly what you're looking for!

Server Name: Extinction [Min. Rules] Server Pop Limit: 200 Server Playstyle: Minimal Rules Survival Discord Link:
Server Info:

Extinction has a 1.6 growth cap.
Due to their unlimited growth mechanic, Beasts of Bermuda has a huge problem with encouraging afk growing over actual gameplay. If the growth is endless, so is the amount of boredom you suffer from while trying to grow and hide from the 3.0 players that stalk the map. On Extinction, we aim to change how people play Beasts of Bermuda entirely. Instead of focusing on being the biggest on the map, we encourage players to focus on exploration, fighting, and in general...just playing the actual game.
Extinction is a Minimal Rules server:
Rules are kind of a pain, right? Joining a server only to spend another 10 minutes combing through their rules section to make sure you understand exactly how they want you to play sucks...especially since most of those rules wind up getting broken by their own admins anyways. While we initially wanted to make Extinction a no rules server, we did ultimately decide that a few, easy to remember rules are necessary for a game that requires you to spend over 50 hours growing a single dino. We have 2 basic gameplay rules: Body Down rules and Engagement/Login Timer rules.
What sets us apart from other minimal rules servers?:
• You don't have to resign yourself to playing the same species as your friends. ALL forms of mixpacking are allowed! • Want to spice things up with a mega pack? Sure, have fun! There are NO herd limits on our server. • Herbivores can be aggressive! Live your bulldozer Pachy dreams! • See a fight you want to jump into? So long as there's no body down, go for it! It keeps things ~interesting~ • There are NO dino call rules. Pro Tip: If a Mosa 2-calls you, it's probably still gonna eat you. • The map is open to all! Claimable watering holes and nesting grounds are a thing of the past. • Last time I checked, meat shields aren't all that effective. Player gore does NOT protect big fat carnivores from your wraith.
What else does Extinction offer?
• Once we get a population going, we have a TON of ideas for in-game events! Super-Nesting, Burrow Building Contests, GS Safezone Events, and Shimmer Nesting events are just a few we're discussing and fleshing out! • We offer in-game perks (such as reskins or timed growth storms) that you can purchase with discord currency! • Extinction is run by a team of hardworking admins who have been gaming together for over 2 years! ANY CASES OF ADMIN ABUSE ARE STRICTLY MONITORED AND PROHIBITED
Special Skins!!!!
• Shimmer Trope • Shimmer Ory • Shimmer Ichthy
Does any of this sound good to you? If so, come check us out!! We'd love to see you stop by!
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2021.09.16 22:40 Low_Goat9037 Fun with Mommy Brain!

Just in case you think pregnancy brain gets better postpartum... not so much! So, my 5 year old daughter was holding my 5 week old and the baby was crying. I grabbed the pacifier for the baby and without thinking, stuck it in the 5 year olds mouth... cuz obviously that's where it needed to go.
How is everyone else doing with pregnancy/mommy/parent brain?
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2021.09.16 22:40 Normalperson127p Will You Press The Button? - You enter a parallel universe where, to you, everything is perfect, you live in a utopian world, everyone loves you and you get everything you always wanted.

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2021.09.16 22:40 sondrjekyll New friend

So. After trying to rescue a random hedgie. That wandered into the yard . it passed away .
We where shopping for a industrial size fridge and stumbled across a hedgie that was thrust upon a animal rescue. And they had no idea what to do .
So beeing that we had invested a large amount of space and resources. Plus a small bookshelf of educational material. We decided that the best way to keep our friend alive in spirit. Was to take care of one that was abandoned and possibly prevent the same thing from happening again.
We waited two weeks to think about it .
And now we have a white banded male hedgehog with black feet. His name is panzer.
On this mote . hes not been handled a lot and was in a loud environment.
So hes very grumpy .
But we are going to give him time to acclimate.
He also seems very ... Choink
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2021.09.16 22:40 UltimateKirb2 Any way to decrease File Size? (BE, Switch)

Is there any way to decrease a World's File Size on Nintendo Switch? I went exploring a few thousand blocks in my Solo World looking for a Jungle, which I didn't find (yet I found a Mesa), and it bumped up the World's Size from 158MB to exactly 200MB, and I don't really want to have to delete the World. Thanks!
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