😈DevilChihuahua🚀| The biggest rewards in $CAKE 🥞| Just Launched | Join Now !!!

2021.09.17 00:11 Competitive_Bad_8223 😈DevilChihuahua🚀| The biggest rewards in $CAKE 🥞| Just Launched | Join Now !!!

When the Chihuahua eats the cake… this happens… 😈🚀
🔥With the auto-claim feature: simply hold $DevilChihuahua and you'll receive $CAKE automatically in your wallet 💰
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Reasons why DevilChihuahua is a GEM:
🔹Game-changing concept and first mover advantage.
🔸Dividends paid in $CAKE
🔹Honest and experienced
🔸Fair launch, low market cap
🔹The best marketing ahead
🟩6% Redistribution In $CAKE
🟦6% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders.
🟪Hold $DevilChihuahua tokens, stake the $CAKE you earn, have daily wealth!! 🟨Minimum 200,000 tokens
💥Auto Paid Every 60 Minutes You finally don’t need to claim your earned $CAKE.
🔥2% Auto Liquidity Pool
🔥2% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for Pancakeswap. It's automatic and helps create a price floor (stability).
Anti-Dump Lock & 1% Sell Fee Max amount for transaction restricted to less than 0.2% of the total supply + extra 1% fee is applied to all sells. This will allow us to reduce swing-trading and break whales' control.
Anti-Rug System -Secured by Design Initial Liquidity Provided will be locked with DeepLock for 1 month.
🤑Massive Marketing Plan 2% of every transaction is allocated to Marketing in ADA (swapped to ADA in real time and allocated directly to Marketing wallet).
Classic features :
Anti-whale system, blacklisted function, Protection against phishing attacks!!
🟣6% Redistribution in CAKE to all holders
🟢2% Automatic provided to the liquidity pool
🟡2% for Marketing and Buy-Back
🔵1% fee for sellers
Go take a look! u Won't regret it :)🚀
🔹 BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xcaf419acd0948ccf8d1588c01cb3987409d15d47
🔹 Contract: 0xcaf419acd0948ccf8d1588c01cb3987409d15d47
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xcaf419acd0948ccf8d1588c01cb3987409d15d47#readContract
🔒 100% LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xE8A4867341633b841A894f1f3b083745C3EED811
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2021.09.17 00:11 RemoteNo2114 An here. We. Go

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2021.09.17 00:11 DoctorSusanCalvin overview for hythrs

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2021.09.17 00:11 WolfLittle The sky today was just 🤌

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2021.09.17 00:11 Gilmour1982 M 39 UK drinks are flowing how’s your night going peeps?

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2021.09.17 00:11 PawgAdjudicator mr.rallycrossdottir (L), amanda_the.strong.panda (M), yazmin.stevens (R)

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2021.09.17 00:11 Wrangler2019 Nothing is more satisfying than a freshly cleaned bun area!!!

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2021.09.17 00:11 Large-Advisor-8845 miracle grow

Never grown before but my cousin swears by miracle grow is this something I should actually use??
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2021.09.17 00:11 Aortasudo What is your favorite superhero movie one-liner?

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2021.09.17 00:11 Games-of-James Crawling through air vents in now a way to avoid locked doors in "She wants to quit". Feedback is welcome! :-)

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2021.09.17 00:11 Professor-de-Portuga Um adjetivo. Dois substantivos. E agora?

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2021.09.17 00:11 throwmeintheriver01 will get lives of my gfs sleepy feet soon. dm for other past pics or to trade. dm for kik

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2021.09.17 00:11 NismoStroke0027 Wish me luck. Litho box 4hrs in and still not even 1%. That smooth floor shows some real promise though!

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2021.09.17 00:11 Admirable_Display_85 Who Will win?

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2021.09.17 00:11 mvaa467 I have a condom anxiety

When I was 15 I had bad experience with condoms. When I tried to do it with the normal condom it felt way too small and I couldn't rly get it up. Also, I was rly scared cos it was supposed to be my first time but it didn't rly work out and when we went to showering it got hard quickly wich was weird to me. After that when I was 16 I had sex for the first time with a girl that I trusted without a condom and was with for 2,5 years, that didn't make me anxious at all for some reason. Then fast forward after the relationship, after that I had one night stand and I noticed how I got really anxious when I tried to put the condom on even tho now I had the right sized codom, but when she did I little handjob I could relax myself and the sex was good. After that I had like a month old thing with a girl and I was like let's go to shower and she was hinting that we should do it for the first time, and then I removed my clothes but I kinda didn't feel comfortable and when I saw the condom I got anxious again even after she blew me I couldn't get it up and it really had a bad impact on her, she didn't take it very well and I myself felt humiliated, cos I know that I don't have ED. Fast forward some months, I had sex with a girl that I have been talking to for like a month, but have only seen once and on the second date we already had sex, and I could trust her to do it without a condom cos she had been only in one relationship before me and her bodycount was then 1. What was weird to me then that I didn't get any anxiety when I did it. Is condom related anxiety real and how can I overcome it? I rly want to also, cos I value safe sex and don't want to get any diseases and the lack of abilities to do it with condom makes my self esteem kinda low even tho I am usually been called good looking tall, big dick etc. but that doesn't still make me happy cos I feel like I can't preform well cos I get anxiety when I try to put a condom on. (Btw I never had these issues when I did this on my own room when I was alone etc.) Sorry if this post is hard to understand, English isn't my main language and I kinda wrote this in a rush.
Tl;dr: I migh have a condom anxiety and I want a way to fix that.
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2021.09.17 00:11 MemeConsumed Leg

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2021.09.17 00:11 LuxOG Wild spirits bugged on Sylvanas p1

We were having an issue this week with our hunter's wild spirits doing extremely low damage to the domination arrows. Here are our logs from yesterday:
Anyone heard of this bug? Something we're overlooking or any work arounds? Causing some big problems with our ability to kill chains consistently.
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2021.09.17 00:11 tac15 curious on how to translate this japanese name into other east asian/sinosphere languages

中原太郎 or nakahara taro in romaji, if theres more than one translation such as one soley based on pronunciation is good or soley based on the kanji itself, im lost as to how im supposed to translate japanese names into other asian languages
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2021.09.17 00:11 Right_InTheGarbage Covid Stern

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2021.09.17 00:11 AaronTheBaronYT Not sure what to call this

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2021.09.17 00:11 Resident-Spend-9380 الحق ک حقه

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2021.09.17 00:11 Diligent_Badger Do you care about Reddit karma?

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2021.09.17 00:11 sonofapple Incalferated, Me, Oils, 2021

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2021.09.17 00:11 RaelImpAerosolKid What is this input connector named? It's similar to some USB types but I couldn't find it's name.

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2021.09.17 00:11 Arterdras Is leaving soap in the puffball after showering bad?

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