What's the deal with these? Do they refresh or are they limited per player?

2021.10.24 15:18 Mad_OW What's the deal with these? Do they refresh or are they limited per player?

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2021.10.24 15:18 JoergPrange Renaissance of the relatives

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2021.10.24 15:18 I-have-a-lot-of-fod So can i use a Optifine entity and another type of model in the same mod?

So i made a optifine entity without knowing what would happen, considering that i'm new to blockbench. But i need a model where i can use 1.5 size blocks for a certain creature. So can i somehow convert the optifine entity or something or are they compatible in the same mod?
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2021.10.24 15:18 CoronaFlazer Help me identify my paint colour?

I am trying to buy a paint touch up kit for my 2019 white vauxhall vivaro but I am having a hard time trying to identify the code for the paint. The only thing I could find is https://ibb.co/QpycKpH
If anyone could help that would be great
Thanks :)
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2021.10.24 15:18 OpTicFan2011 Got This for my Birthday .

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2021.10.24 15:18 Knight0706 First mod of U10

Shoutout to the chicken rain guy for being the fastest man alive.
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2021.10.24 15:18 conhollow Safety | Protocols Save Lives. Thoughts on the RUST Tragedy by Scott Prop and Roll.

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2021.10.24 15:18 malagajm Calling all FOODIES! The days are getting darker and colder but have I got an amazing recipe for you! CHURROS CON CHOCOLATE, one of Madrid's best culinary attractions, now you can enjoy them at home!

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2021.10.24 15:18 FlowersPowerz Ticwatch pro 3 ultra Rewiew

I've been using the device for 10 days, and I'm ready to write a review about it.
Aesthetically there are no major changes from the basic ticwatch pro 3, at a first distracted observation you could say that nothing changes, the size is the same and the weight is the same, however there are some minor changes of an aesthetic nature: the display is now placed slightly more on the surface than the pro 3, and is protected by a gorilla glass; the crown has also changed, the font of the numbers on the perimeter is different and the "60" has been replaced by a more consistent "00" in the numbering of the minutes on the crown, this also has on the side a knurled texture very pleasant to the touch. The same texture has been added around the side of the physical buttons, 2, one at the top to turn on/off/recall Gassistant/return to home and one at the bottom to launch an app of your choice customizable in the settings and with a double click launch Google pay. The aesthetic differences from the previous model end there. The watch comes in the basic version without lte with a rubber strap also having a knurled texture. Although personally from the aesthetic point of view prefer the previous silicone strap with a leather-like look, this solution turns out to be more comfortable and pleasant to wear, remains in any case the possibility of changing the strap with any other to 22mm.
Ticwatch pro 3 ultra is equipped by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 platform assisted by a proprietary processor of mobvoi low power that replaces the main in the operations on the second display FTSN, in the essential mode and in the tracking of data by the sensors (the same as ticwatch pro 3); a generous battery of 577 mAh, integrated microphone and speakers, and a dual-layer display consisting of a 454x454 resolution amoled unit together with a very low power FTSN that alternates when the main display is "off" (in fact it is not possible to have a totally off display being the FTSN always active, but can also be activated the always active one of the main); it is also equipped with 1 gb of RAM and 8 gb of storage (of which about 4. 5gb usable by the user), wifi 2.4 ghz connectivity (no support for 5ghz unfortunately), bluetooth 5. 0, GPS+Beidou+Glonass+Galileo+QZSS, NFC chip for contactless payments and a set of sensors inherited 1:1 from Ticwatch Pro 3, in detail: STMicroelectronics LSM6DSO accelerometer-gyro-motion, STMicroelectronics LPS22HH barometer-temp, TI OPT3007 ambient light sensor, Orientation Mobvoi, PixArt PAH8137 heart rate and SpO2 sensor. It has IP68 certification and military standard MIL-STD-810G that make it more durable and waterproof, compared to the previous model that had some shortcomings in this regard. The FTSN display workhorse of the device, is perfectly visible in sunlight and has some essential information, including the date, time also in seconds, a daily step counter (synchronized with the app TicHealth), and a battery indicator, which extend in case you activate an exercise mode with information related to it , including elapsed time, distance traveled, heart rate, clock, so you have an overview of the current activity without having to turn on the main display, and save battery.
Goods and bad points of Wear Os:
The smart part of the watch is run by Wear Os (formerly Android Wear) in version 2.32 (H MR2) with security patches as of May 5, 2021. Many might find this choice anachronistic having been released Wear Os 3 a few months ago on Galaxy Watch 4, but this is a heavily modified version of the new OS and the "stock" one has not yet been released for any other device, relegated only to the second half of 2022 via promised update from Mobvoi. Like all watches based on wear os it inherits all the features such as answering notifications via swype up through quick replies, voice dictation or gboard (virtual keyboard with swype and qwerty layout) quite comfortable to use, which also integrates the possibility to add emoji. Notifications from almost all apps on the phone are received, and for messaging apps like telegram or whatsapp you can also view photo previews and stickers on them. Almost all notifications because, although from the companion app "Wear os" you can choose the apps for which to receive or block notifications on the watch, some of them do not work properly despite being activated: among all the most important is an app of google itself, "google now", the notifications of it can not be activated in any way this prevents the possibility of receiving updates on weather, news and even reminders from google that will not be notified in any way from the watch and will remain consultable only via phone or related app from watch, defect not insignificant if we consider that we could not even receive notifications of reminders generated by the assitente google via watch itself. Point "apparent" strength of Wear Os is the assistant google, callable through keyword "ok google" with main display on, with prolonged pressure of the power button or swype to the left, it is only in an apparent way because it is totally broken. The assistant to date does not allow you to do almost any operation: you can not call someone , returning an error screen; you can not send text messages nor sms nor whatsapp, because it will return another error screen; you can not get directions because despite not returning errors the operation is not performed; you can not do online searches, again the operation is not performed; the real working possibilities of the assistant can be reduced to ask for information about the weather, interact with the objects of home automation properly configured, play a series of games and set reminders and events, however, the latter will not be notified for the inability to receive notifications from google now. Despite the critical and extremely negative aspect regarding the assistant, it is not a problem specific to the "Ticwatch pro 3 ultra" nor reputable to Mobvoi, being extended to all watches based on wear os 2. All I can do is hope that the next update to wear os 3 will fix the problems of the google assistant, which has been reduced to this pitiless state for years and never fixed.
You can install any app for wear os through the play store and extend the functionality of the device, the possibilities are potentially endless, the system apps allow you to do a number of basic operations such as finding the phone, turn on the flashlight (an app that illuminates the screen with a white background at maximum brightness), set manual alarms, stopwatch, timer and google fit suite preinstalled (which I personally have disabled in the settings being the suite of Mobvoi more accurate).
You can configure google pay for payments for enabled credit cards. I haven't noticed any gaps in this point of view, payments have always been lightning fast, they work even when there is no connection with the phone. You can activate the classic settings to wake up the display to the movement of the wrist, or activate the always on display classic wear os.
Proprietary software
Among the pre-installed apps are a handful of Mobvoi apps that make the most of the watch's sensors. Tichealth, TicExercise, TicSleep, TicPulse, TicCare, TicHearing, TicZen, TicBreath, TicOxygen, Essential Mode, VoiceMemo, Calculator. Each of them is assigned a specific function, and they are all coordinated (except Essential Mode) within the main TicHealth app. Here is a description of each of them with the main new features:
-TicHealth: the main control center, within the app you can see an overview of the daily measurements made by the watch. Prominent on the main screen are data on hours on the go, steps taken, and minutes of continuous exercise. Scrolling down you can check the status of other parameters monitored by other apps, such as heart rate, oxygen saturation, sleep quality and so on. New in the new version pre-installed on this watch, is the ability to get a picture of your psychophysical well-being, checking the data during the day of the state of concentration and energy, through a 24-hour monitoring.
-TicExercise: the hub for the start of activities and sports. You can choose from about twenty different workouts such as classic outdooindoor running, walking, free training, high intensity interval, pool swimming, cycling and a variety of sports. You can also enable automatic detection of Running, Walking and Cycling workouts. For outdoor workouts, if the watch is properly paired with the phone, it will rely on the phone's GPS, which will exchange data with the watch, to consume less battery power and achieve greater precision; if the phone is not, it will rely on its own built-in sensor, which is quite accurate at the expense of greater consumption. Wear Os currently does not provide a stock setting to disable this priority of gps to use, although there are some third-party apps like "wear gps fix" that manage to give priority to the built-in gps despite being properly paired to the phone. In any case, the data reported is quite accurate, and can be consulted in the session through both the main and essential display. The data collected will be stored and synchronized within the TicHealth app and with the cloud, and can therefore also be viewed within the companion app "Mobvoi (formerly Ticwatch)" for smartphones, which unlike in the past synchronizes the data in a timely manner with the watch, finding no discrepancy in any case of the values reported by the companion app with the actual values visible from the watch. The data can also be synchronized with Google Fit and Strava.
-TicSleep: app for monitoring sleep quality. Detection is automatic through a range that you can customize, you can also set "smart" alarm clocks also customizable through ranges, which sound during the light sleep phase, so you get a smoother and quieter awakening. The detection is quite accurate, I was able to compare the data with third-party apps like sleep as android (below images of comparison), and they are superimposable results, sin instead the quality of the graphs both within the app and companion, which are not very clear, and represent the data in a too simplistic way.
-TicPulse: app used to monitor the heart rate, when it is launched a "manual" scan is performed, it is also possible to activate 24 hour monitoring to keep track of your heart rate values. New in the new version is the "heart health" monitoring that allows you to keep track of any irregular heartbeats, which can also be activated with 24 hour monitoring.
-TicOxygen: app used to monitor the level of oxygenation of the blood, with the same functioning as TicPulse, also allows you to monitor the level of oxygenation throughout the day at hourly intervals.
-TicZen: stress level monitoring app. I'm not sure about the accuracy of this data and it's far too coarse in my opinion, however it is possible to enable 24 hour monitoring here as well.
-TicHearing: app for monitoring environmental noise levels. Honestly, the values reported are completely inaccurate, just a simple noise even very light as a snap of fingers, made near the microphone to have reported values extremely high.
-TicBreath: app for monitoring and performing a series of breathing exercises to relieve stress, you can act on the duration of the exercise and then to its intensity.
-TicCare: an app for sharing your results with friends who also have ticwatches. Since this and the ticwatch e3 are the only supported smartwatches, I didn't have the chance to test the app with other people.
-VoiceMemo: app for recording voice messages, you can change the recording quality, also the recordings made will be synchronized through the companion app and then automatically deleted from the watch, so that the memory does not get saturated with recordings. Very convenient, the recordings are of good quality.
-Calculator: a simple calculator app with basic function.

Essential Mode
In this paragraph I'll touch on the essential mode as a whole. The hardware essential mode can be invoked by prolonged pressing of the power button or via the app of the same name. In essential mode you will have limited functionality of the clock. We'll only be able to see the time and step counter, with the action button (the one at the bottom) we can activate the heart rate sensor, and with the power button turn on the white LED for the night (which also turns on by rotating the wrist). Despite the fact that the functions in this mode seem very limited in reality are found rather useful, because you can automatically alternate the essential mode with the smart mode at set times (or when a certain percentage of battery is reached, by default set at 5%) through the app of the same name. In addition, in essential mode you can also benefit from sleep monitoring, which will be synchronized on TicSleep after turning on in smart mode, and greatly extend the battery life (which in this mode consumes less than 1% in one night), already very large in itself (with all monitoring active you can get about 48 days of continuous use in real smart mode, and up to 72 hours by turning off the monitoring), however, has several critical issues: setting an alarm clock in smart mode, it will not sound/vibrate in essential mode, you will need to enter smart mode first, but if you have activated google pay it will require you to enter the pin at power on, without it the OS will not load in its entirety and not even the set alarms will sound. In short if you have the essential mode active and google pay active, you can not use the alarms in any way, a problem not to be underestimated. It would be enough a software update that implements the alarms within the essential mode to solve the problem, until then, alternating the essential mode to the smart one during the night, does not turn out to be "smart" being that the alarms will not work (with google pay active). In addition, if you activate the scheduled essential mode, the sleep monitoring will stop at the passage of the smart mode, thus failing to monitor continuously, you must therefore pay attention to the programming time.
New to this ticwatch pro 3 ultra lies in the ability to customize the background light color of the FTSN display. Turning your wrist in smart mode without having the setting to turn on the display on movement will turn on instead a white light that illuminates the FTSN display in low ambient light situations, which can be turned off within the "essential mode" app. This light is customizable with 18 different colors also customizable within the same app. If at first glance it could be a fun and pleasant find, in reality it also hides some criticalities: a lack of calibration of the backlight colors, compared to the standard "white" color (that of the pro 3 base); in short, the colors have an excessive backlighting, sometimes annoying for the use for which they are used (illuminate the display in dark environments), leading to a "lighthouse" effect of the clock. So you will find yourself playing with the colors for half a day and then inevitably switch to the standard white color, the only one that does not suffer from this problem, having a backlight that is perfect for dark environments and not "blinding". I sincerely hope that a software update will fix this problem and calibrate the backlighting of the colors to the same level as the white one, because despite being very beautiful, having them in this state makes them - in my experience - unusable. I also add a small difference from the previous model of little importance: at the transition of the FTSN display to the Amoled one there is no animation, the transition is instantaneous and abrupt, compared to the base model that instead had a fade animation much more pleasing to the eye, a matter of taste, but since there is this difference, I found it right to report it.

Many of you will know the problems that plagued the Ticwatch Pro 3 when it was exposed to water, I think the spontaneous question that many of you will have asked about this new device is: "Is this model really waterproof?". The answer to this question is for now uncertain, let me explain, for my experience of 2 weeks I had the opportunity to test it in water through showers and I had no problem, the sensors continued to work regularly (by holding down the action button for 10 seconds you can enter a mode to extract the water deposited inside the speaker with a sound played ad hoc), and I had no particular problems from this point of view, however I have not had the opportunity to test it in the pool, or in other situations more "difficult", so I reserve judgment on this aspect, however, despite the very brief use that I did I feel I can say that it is actually more durable than the previous model, and that the military standard gives an extra gear in this area, having had problems with the pro 3 base to the very first experiences with the water and this "ultra" there were none. If we look at the past had problems on this aspect even the first generation Ticwatch pro, then solved by the ticwatch pro 2020/S which has the same certifications as this Ultra, so from this point of view I would say that progress has been made and I feel I can use it even in the pool. Do I recommend it? Absolutely yes, for me it is the best wear os smartwatch. Sure the galaxy watch 4 has wear os 3 and a couple more sensors, however the battery life of this one is unmatched by any other but itself in basic version, and it will still receive wear os 3 even if it is delayed. Being priced at the same price as the previous model i.e. 299€/$ I see no reason not to prefer this over the previous model, barring discounts. If using it in water is a must for you then you must get the ultra version. The rest of the changes are mostly software, it wouldn't surprise me that in the future the new features will be made available on the base model as well, the most important improvements have been made on the resistance of the device, as well as the aforementioned gorilla glass absent on the base model, so if you'd like to have a durable and long-lived device with excellent autonomy, Ticwatch pro 3 ultra is your watch.
Small mention also to the vibration engine: it is the same as the ticwatch pro 3, however it has been calibrated better, now it is more intense and strong, but also noisier. The engine is however not powerful enough to vibrate the back of the watch, the part that adheres to the wrist, this despite the greater intensity, makes it really difficult to be able to feel the vibration on the skin that will be felt more on the sides, not infrequently I have lost notifications because the vibration was almost imperceptible, so although they have taken an extra step to improve it, it was not enough to solve the problem.
I tried to be as comprehensive as possible by highlighting the pros and cons of the device, trying to be as honest as possible according to my experience in these 10 days or so of use and as a former owner of the base model. I hope you enjoyed the review.
Here are some pictures:

Sleep as android with Ticsleep comparison:
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2021.10.24 15:18 Beliavsky The 1 percent lecture about climate change while making it worse

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2021.10.24 15:18 Cpt_Barricade Has "Burley's Farm" song been uploaded anywhere?

Pretty self-explanatory. This is the song that plays in Burley's Farm as well as whenever you are on || you are riding a sheep ||. It's my favourite song in the game but I haven't seen it available on YouTube or anywhere. I played it on console so there isn't much hope of ripping the soundtrack.
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2021.10.24 15:18 MortishaTheCat Lying

I (NT) need help with my aspie friend. I know that NTs have the reputation of lying... well, I don't and if I catch a friend lying, I tend to cut them off. I am close friends with an aspie and she lies a LOT. She lies when she doesn't want/cannot do something, or to get out of awkward situations ... and when she is ashamed to tell the real reason. For example, when she cancels a plan, she doesn't say that she is exhausted, she says that she has to help a friend with something (a lie). Always white lies, never malacious.
I am understanding of her struggles, and I don't confront her about the lies.
But I would like to tell her to stop lying... the lies are totally unnecessary, I would not be angry with the truth. The lies slowly destroy my trust. Plus, I have to pretend that I believe the lies, which means that I have to play along ... and it makes me feel uncomfortable because I am honest by nature.
If you are an aspie who tells lies, what do you recommend? Is there a way to ask her to stop lying without being confrontative? Or should I just leave it at that and accept it alongside her other quirks? Thank you! (Sorry not native English)
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2021.10.24 15:18 1ntrovertedSocialist Biggest Pentathlon

Only kind of related to the olympics, but does anyone know what the biggest US pentathlon was in terms of number of people?
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2021.10.24 15:18 kalebmads Xbox Controller update

I just hopped on xbox and it gave me the option to update my controller, so i did. now after it is updated my headset that plugs into the controller doesn’t want to work. Any suggestions as for what to do?
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