Fleeing tyranny in Israel for the Midwest

2021.12.07 08:11 IsraeliRefugee Fleeing tyranny in Israel for the Midwest

Hey all, I guess my story doesn't strictly fit the sub description, but I think it overall does fit given that I have the same goal as you all.
I'm 23 years old and am finishing an M.A. in the humanities this year. I was born and have always lived in Israel, but thanks to my parents I have US citizenship (and native-level English).
I think it's this background that has always prevented me from fully identifying with my home country - when compared to Israelis with no such immediate foreign background I feel out of place, though when talking to non-Israelis online I feel like 'the Israeli' if that makes sense.
Even before the Covidian insanity hit I've dreamt of leaving Israel and all its well known problems like the neverending conflict with the Palestinians and the insanely high cost of living as well as the sense of cultural dislocation: as an introverted guy somewhere on the high functioning side of the autistic spectrum I don't fit in with the image of the extroverted, cocky Israeli man. I remember fantasizing in 2019 about moving to Canada of all places (good thing that was never a real option!)
When COVID started I was pretty obedient and swallowed the narrative nearly whole. I was living with my parents between semesters anyway, so I didn't have a sudden change of circumstances like so many did in March 2020. I obeyed the 100 meter limit for going outside, wore a mask, and when I got home I took off my shoes and sanitized my hands thoroughly. This wasn't because I was very scared personally: I'd seen the data from the Diamond Princess and knew the virus posed very little threat to me. That was just what my family told me to do and I certainly didn't want any of them to get Covid.
I became a skeptic in early September 2020 when I discovered /LockdownSkepticism. We had just entered our second lockdown and I suppose I was just fed up of the whole thing. Reading the sub helped me realize just how scientifically groundless the ordeal of Covid restrictions was and how damaging they are to our health, economy, and democratic way of life. I've opposed pretty much every Covid restriction from lockdowns to mask mandates to now vaccine passports.
When the Delta hysteria started in June 2021, including the reinstatement of the indoor mask mandate a mere 10 days after it had been dropped, I began to understand that the Covidian regime in Israel isn't going anywhere anytime soon. While the lockdown I feared never materialized, I was coerced by my government into getting a booster shot I didn't want or need just to keep my job and be able to finish my university education. Now they've already started talking about a fourth dose, and I am quite certain it will be similarly forced on the general public.
I want to leave this country. I can't imagine having kids who will be forced to take shots they don't need and may harm them and wear muzzles for hours upon hours. I don't want to pay taxes to this oppressive government which has made a mockery of the democracy and human rights it claims to promote. Even if they ever do let go of Covid, I have no reason to think the approach taken to the inevitable next pandemic will be any different.
So I want to move somewhere where this insanity isn't happening, where I can live my life normally without dreading the next edict from pseudo-scientific bureaucrats, where I can go about my business without worrying about fines for showing my face like humans have done until 18 months ago.
Being lucky enough to have US citizenship, I'm looking to move to one of the states that are resisting similar tyranny - no mask mandates, no vaccine passports, no lockdowns. Kristi Noem's strident resistance in South Dakota naturally attracts me there, but I'm open to any other state with a similar stance. The one exception is Florida - while DeSantis is great, there's no guarantee he will win reelection next year, and from what I hear the big cities like Miami still have plenty of Covid cultists. Not to mention I am a big fan of winter and snow, which is hard to come by there.
So the main issue is: where should I go as a single guy with no connections in the area? (My closest family members are in Columbus, Ohio which is apparently under an indefinite mask mandate). How do I find a job that is right for me as a humanities-oriented person and will pay my bills? How will I make friends and other connections?
I'd love to hear from all of you, especially CrossdressTimelady who is moving to Sioux Falls which is a place I'm heavily considering.
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2021.12.07 08:11 KrabbitNL Good bluetooth speakerset for D&D? Suggestions?

Hi guys, As the title suggests I'm looking for a decent speakerset with bluetooth connectability for our D&D room. My DM has a complete room dedicated in his house for his, which is epic, but we currently only use a single speakerbar thing to project music with. The problem with this is, that in order for the whole table to hear it, it needs to be projected quite loudly from whatever side of the room it's on. This makes that one or two people around the table always have the loud-ish speaker behind them, making it hard to hear at times.
If we had a set surrounding all of us, it would be much easier to turn the sound down slightly while still being able to all hear it.
So tldr: I'm looking for a semi-simple bluetooth surroundset for around our table. Doesn't have to be audiophile quality as the volume won't ever really be that high, just good enough that the DM can turn it up while he's crafting without it sounding shit.
Any suggestions are more than welcome, thank you! :D
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2021.12.07 08:11 sukhvir_gill Can you remember any school incident where it was teacher's fault and teacher got away with it?

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2021.12.07 08:11 TweetArchiveBot Sihle Ngobese RT from Jeff Charles, Great Negro At The Time: Some of these black progressive types are bothered by black conservatives who don't fit the Conservative Inc. mold. Very bothered. The reason why is obvious.

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2021.12.07 08:11 xEncrypterx Remember to buy the right packs when the expansion drops

I swear every expansion one of you fuckers spends all their gold on the wrong set of packs.. Don’t do it
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2021.12.07 08:11 verzerof what call of duty game on ps3 has more players online? and also what racing game do you recommend for ps3?

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2021.12.07 08:11 third3y3 Trying to get back in

So I stopped reading around 2000 when the new xmen emerged with a whole new vibe and artistic team that i didnt really like. Do you have any suggestions on how I should start back from there and get caught up?
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2021.12.07 08:11 ElKukuj22 Anyone tried the new ps2 emulator on Poco X3 Pro?

I'm thinking of buying this phone for more demanding emulators, like ps2, 3ds, wii. But mostly ps2. I wonder if this phone should run them well
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2021.12.07 08:11 DenseMineralProphet First time painting parts separately, due to using magnets to give some spice to the new black templars. Really satisfied with how this came out and how quick.

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