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Jeremias Clerici & Pablo Caballero - Lowkeys [Pure Dope Digital]

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Diana Gabaldon returns with the newest novel in the epic Outlander series. The past may seem the safest place to be . . . but it is the most dangerous time to be alive. . . . Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall were torn apart by the Jacobite Rising in 1746, and it took them twenty years to find each other again.

2021.12.07 09:35 assagitaz Jeremias Clerici & Pablo Caballero - Lowkeys [Pure Dope Digital]

Publisher: Pure Dope Digital
Out Date: 2021-12-03
Quality: MP3 17.75 Mb / AIFF 78.17 Mb
Genre: Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
Jeremias Clerici & Pablo Caballero - Lowkeys / (Key Gm, BPM 130, Length 7:23)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=513143
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2021.12.07 09:35 CoinjoyAssistant OpenSea IPO Prompts Criticism from Crypto Users Who were Expecting a Token

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2021.12.07 09:35 infinitysaga I’m joker

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2021.12.07 09:35 EberReisz I've been looking at chunkbase and I can't find a seed I want so I'm asking here

I'm looking for an island that's a forest of flowers in the middle of a warm ocean
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2021.12.07 09:35 niuz-bot Senat/Comisiile de specialitate susţin respingerea sesizării USR referitoare la neconstituţionalitatea revocării din funcţie a Ancăi Dragu - [Viata parlamentara]

Citeste in continuare: https://www.agerpres.ro/viata-parlamentara/2021/12/07/senat-comisiile-de-specialitate-sustin-respingerea-sesizarii-usr-referitoare-la-neconstitutionalitatea-revocarii-din-functie-a-ancai-dragu--826934
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2021.12.07 09:35 LeaQuartz Ello!! (Pretty much new here. Looking for some new friends!)

Hi! Hello!
From the post you can tell Im new.. I dont really know how to do this, Ha!

I am mostly looking for a long-term friend and might even become my online bestie! (Discord, if possible)

So,, about myself.. Im a 19 year old female. I am Asexual/Demisexual! Pretty much tomboy sjhsjhsj
I am from the Philippines! Which means I am PST time zone. Though I must tell you that I speak perfect English! and to my fellow (potential) Filipinos, Im afraid that I suck a lot in Tagalog. I understand but I cannot with my grammar and some words. I really prefer English.

I am pretty chaotic when chatting, free with words, like to speak my mind (But I know when to stop), love hearing about everyone else's day/feeling/etc.. but just cause Im chaotic doesn't mean I cant be extremely chill to talk to!
I have plenty interests in games (Usually their fandoms heh), foods, photography, aesthetics, music..
I can somebody you can talk to, possibly vent. Though please consider how I feel as well. I like to have friends who would accept me, talk freely with me.
I love many things. Its hard to explain or put it in a post. I think it would be better if I am asked questions or get to know me instead! Im not super interested to talk to you IF you are pretty plain/restricting with your words and all, it's not bad, it just makes me anxious.
When talking to me, Please understand that I might be too anxious at first! Though I will definitely be laid-back later.
I dislike restricting people. I also don't like to share my face or anything VERY personal to me, Ex: Real names, personal family information, etc..
(Bonus stuff??) Current Fandoms I LOVE talking about: Marvel, Supernatural, Sherlock BBC, TF2 and Rusty Lake
There are other fandoms Im in but not like a super fan? Like Hazbin hotel, helluva boss, Naruto, and MHA.
I very much enjoy comedy movies/series. I just LOVE to laugh, its basically the energy I run on. Memes, I just love them. Action movies are an amazing second, they are just FIRE. Action movies I love is John Wick. Number 1 in my book.
Remember me mentioning that I love to laugh? Well, my humor is kinda broken- I laugh at almost anything. All the humor. If you make puns or send memes then that would immediately break the ice.

I love it if (soon to be friends) would make me laugh, be chaotic but could be chill when the time seems like it! Friends who respect my opinions and so on.
Somebody who I can joke to. Someone who is barely serious most of the time but knows when to be and when to stop joking.
Just be very nice but chaotic to me! It calms down my anxiety.

Overall, just a person who I could vibe with. We don't need to play games too much (Then again Im a bit too busy to talk but will chat with you like 89% of the time.) If you think I have ghosted you, I haven't, I simply just was too busy or I needed to recharge.
(Note: If you have an interest in TF2 currently, I might be more free/closer to you!)
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2021.12.07 09:35 Mach_lol 📸

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2021.12.07 09:35 cas9975 Thought this belonged here.

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2021.12.07 09:35 LaLiLuLeLo6897 White flashing with Xbox

Hi! I have a little problem setting my Xbox Series S on the LG C1... Whenever I enable 4K UHD on the resolution settings I'll have some white flashing during gaming. It happens with a certain frequency, it's not like flickering all the time but it's flashes like for one second then it turns normal for a quite long time and then it happens again... I noticed that when I set the resolution on 1440p it won't happen... any ideas or explanation on how to fix it?
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2021.12.07 09:35 Libertymark Without crypto or apple how many of you lost money in 2021

My guess is the most riskiest things propped your portfolios this year
Without crypto or big cap tech most of you have massive losses
What happens in 2022 if both these things on avg are topping NOW?
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2021.12.07 09:35 JakeFromMontana The absurd size of the Motherland calls statue

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2021.12.07 09:35 Ok-Pin6460 Looking West Virginia

Looking for a femboys in West Virginia. That wants to chat. And give some advice. Maybe trade secret pics and numbers. Hmu please
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2021.12.07 09:35 OGRicky 1 hour relationship just ended what song do I play?

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2021.12.07 09:35 snowman1550 Jupiter dasha and career-Recently got turned down for a job I was well qualified for. Currently working in a job but it is not ideal. Will my job improve? Is Jupiter dasha gonna be bad for me? Is Jupiter transit through Aquarius going to help?

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2021.12.07 09:35 MichaelGhelfi 🎵 RPG Exploration Music | Runes [magical]

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2021.12.07 09:35 vinayak_nair Viomi A9 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Review

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2021.12.07 09:35 Xanek Train Conductor Astel for the Astel Express ー Art by Nakamura Eight in commemoration of his 3D (@NkmR8)

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2021.12.07 09:35 Vast-Context3227 Google Play system update not working

Hello. A couple days ago I 've had to factory reset my Poco F3. Before the format the google play system update was August 1, now after 2 days and countless tries, it doesn't find any new update and it's stuck at April 1. I have everything up to date. I've tried, restarts, clear cache etc. Has anyone found any solution to this or am I alone?
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2021.12.07 09:35 Mophandel A red-legged seriema with a baby white-eared opossum catch in its beak

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2021.12.07 09:35 MrRawri Act 3 Companions question

I'm pretty deep into act 3, and I'm wondering when and how I'm supposed to get Seelah and Woljif back. They've been missing since the Drezen siege.
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2021.12.07 09:35 Temmyisnotcool Is everyone having a nice day? Here's a doggo in the swimming pool.

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2021.12.07 09:35 peaceismynature I wish to grow kratom. I’m sick of worrying about heavy metals and nonsense I just want to source it myself and produce it for all around me. Where can I get seeds or cuttings most likely cuttings.

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2021.12.07 09:34 Fireche 1 Million NeoCandy airdrop in cooperation with Humswap

Humswap will be giving away 1 Million $CANDY in their upcoming airdrop! So if you haven't grabbed your bowl yet, then now is the time!
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2021.12.07 09:34 MrMidnight115 The Power Went Out

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2021.12.07 09:34 crypto_gabbar Rank of Bitcoin Holders

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