Reshiram add 9784 3505 3799

2021.12.07 08:04 EyCrackyyy Reshiram add 9784 3505 3799

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2021.12.07 08:04 ChrisBram91 How much are you paying per OZ of good quality flower? (Not cali)

View Poll
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2021.12.07 08:04 LonelyAlien17 Kya karoge iske sath?

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2021.12.07 08:04 chelseaequalsgoated Does anyone know if there is anyway or anywhere I would be able to access 'Christmastime with Mr Rogers' episode (S9 EP6)? If anyone could let me know it would be greatly appreciated!!? Thank You.

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2021.12.07 08:04 Rude-Feeling1987 THE GREAT REBUILD 2cv part:5

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2021.12.07 08:04 lakersbunny 211207 Kai - Young Master Peach's Fortune Reading Cafe

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2021.12.07 08:04 Meteor_Heart Does anyone else feel this way?

Every time they update the game, my game gets broken, I either lose hours and hours of progress, or cant play the game at all. My game is currently in the latter state, and apparently it's very specific to me. Before you tell me to back up my saves, I do, but the issues I have aren't fixed by downloading a cloud save. I go on the forums and they post a link to a form and tell me I need to give them my game files in order for them to recreate it, but my game files when compressed, are too large to submit, and when i ask what to do about it they don't reply, I'm assuming it's because my issue is unique, that it's not worth their time to look into it, So after I essentially wasted my time doing all that, my game's still broken. So now I have like a thousand hours of terraria wasted, and it's becoming more apparent that they don't care, because they already have my money. It's strange that we as individuals are taught that being greedy is wrong and unacceptable, but when it comes to these companies like Re Logic, it's perfectly ok to be a greedy bastard, it really feels like they just want to consume every one, say thanks and then shit you out, while also shitting on you at the same time. And expressing any frustration with them only gets you exiled, I was friends with Chippy on ps4 until just a few days ago when I vocalized my frustrations on the forums, how I shouldn't have to be spending my time, on some website, that they make money off of, trying to fix their game for them. How they have consistently broken my game over and over and caused me to lose hundreds of hours of progress. lol he's not on my friends list anymore, so they must have told him, I couldn't imagine him deciding to do it on his own at the same time as i was stating my complaints, as we had been friends for over 4 years, which just goes to show you how much of a puppet he and other youtubers are. Why would it be ok for them to do that? Money, that's it that's all, they are absolutely greedy bastards. It's been years since I bought terraria but since my game is broken, I'm going to call Sony and try for a refund, if your game is broken I suggest you do the same, why should we go quietly, when they already have our money, and more importantly our time, by breaking the game they have wasted all the time and effort I put into it, and I'm absolutely fed up with being an unpaid beta tester, and the fact that we live in a society where this is ok is completely ass backwards. I don't spend my hard earned money to buy broken things to try and fix them, for a greedy ass company that doesn't care. I regret ever buying and spending as much time with this game as I did, now, because I never expected them to completely break my game. Anyone else game broken too? I'm tired of being a consumable used by greedy companies.
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2021.12.07 08:04 kwentongskyblue Despite CREATE law, foreign investment pledges down 45.8 percent

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2021.12.07 08:04 ZookeepergameEast733 Twitch payout.

I’ve been getting gifted subs and only my revenue is going up. My threshold hasn’t gone up and I’ve done the math. It hasn’t changed since October. I’ve gotten over 50 subs and it’s still the same amount.
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2021.12.07 08:04 datajoblist [Hiring] Newly opened data positions 📊 (4 total) – work remotely

Job title Company Location
Data Scientist, Sales Forecasting Stripe Seattle, New York City / Remote in North America
Senior Data Engineer (US - Remote) DISQO Remote worldwide
Senior Marketing Data Analyst MURAL Remote in US
Data Engineer (Remote Optional) Coinme Remote in USA/Canada
Feel free to check out more open positions in data-related fields.
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2021.12.07 08:04 kocayarrak_com_tr ailem femboy olduğumu öğrendi

günlerdir onlarla konuşamıyom yüzlerine bile bakamıyom napmam lazım amk
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2021.12.07 08:04 Missilelord701 FPS

Ok so I’m running this game on a RTX3080 and a i7 10700k however I have it on a HDD should I move it to a SSD? I mean I’m running in medium graphics settings with 40 FPS seems wrong somehow.
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2021.12.07 08:04 NotBenlee Sub 4 3 Subs! + Like 4 3 Likes! Upvote this post, sub me, like the video and watch the whole video (it's less than 1 min), do all of these and I'll do the same to you.
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2021.12.07 08:04 Jstyle33 Forza 7

Hey guys I've recently ran into trouble with launching the game (forza 7) on my console it's on disc and I've tried two different copys (both new) it use to read it but not anymore, and it plays any other game on disc just not this? Please help.
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2021.12.07 08:04 itslonzo__ $PPSI. An easy and I mean easy 2x money play with volume.

$PPSI stayed somewhat steady with basically no volume. It saw 1.7 million volume yesterday… $CFVI saw 77 million…Borrow rate just went up and SI% is beautiful. Super cheap to buy in and could double and shit even triple if it were to see some of the volume pumped into other tickers. - THIS THING HAS A TINY FLOAT. - NUMBER ONE ON SHORT SQUEEZE LIST. - GREAT FUNDAMENTALS ON EV CHARGING & CRYPTO MINING. - ORTEX DATA TO BACK IT ALL UP
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2021.12.07 08:04 GSWoof If you ever feel like a loser just remember...

I got the offer to work as part time editor for MxR plays but google send me a notification about the email day after the deadline. :)
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2021.12.07 08:04 Youngmoney2728 So do it count these calories for today or tmr?

Today I had a meal at 4:00 pm but then I slept all the way to 4:00 am and I ate all my remaining calories when I woke up. (I’m supposed the have my next meal at 2:30 pm) so do I count the calories I ate at 4:00 am for the 6th or the 7th?
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2021.12.07 08:04 BuckGB Mechajammer - The Road Ahead and First Patch

Whalenought Studios released their cyberpunk RPG Mechajammer earlier this month. And seeing how the game is currently sitting at "Mixed" Steam reviews, it's not yet time for laurel resting. As such, we get this announcement outlining some upcoming improvements that include controller support and rebindable keys. And then, we also have the game's first patch.
Here's what it fixes:
Hot on the heels of Friday’s hotfix (and a look at the Road Ahead in terms of upcoming updates), today we’re rolling out V1.01 of Mechajammer, bringing with it a big ol’ list of fixes and improvements to the game.
Many of these issues have been surfaced (and subsequently fixed!) off the back of your reports and suggestions, so a hefty thank you to those of you taking the time share feedback. Below the patch notes, you’ll see names from key members of the community who have helped us with this endeavour. We hope you enjoy basking in the limelight of the Patch Notes as a reward.
Ok! Here’s what you can expect from 1.01:
Design fix: - Give every background the option of having no flaws (flawless options does not include studies bonuses) - Remove being injured from failing rolls that had zero dice (for example when opening/breaking boxes)
Graphics fix: - Scale-up ground items and outline added, so that they can be interacted with more easily
Bug fixes: - Hard-lock bug when using quick save feature fix - Constant flee with PTSD disadvantage - Music track switching fix (usually appeared during save) - Prevented instances of player falling through floors in cars - Police called even when not seen by MFI scanners - Bag doesn't open immediately when talking to companions - Issues with selling items merchants - You can move items around in merchant bags to make more space - Merchants refresh their stock every time you talk to them - Labels should now show on map - Player starts with a chained weapon if it's their highest dice pool - Merchants stand in the light - PTSD proc-ing after every action instead of after failed roll and also adjusted disadvantage outcome - player doesn't flee, just freezes in place for 10 turns
UI fix: - Menus updated with option to return to main menu
Balance Fix: - Improved balancing of Disadvantages - Made Head Injury penalty is now 2 turns instead of 3 - Decreased roll odds for Exhaustion and Two Left Feet (rolls every hour) - Adjusted damage for range weapons to balance non-melee builds - Tweaked balancing of early enemies with respect to difficulty
Map fix: - Instances of missing textures fixed
Feature: - Merchants now have new items
Skill: - Added more chemical pools in order to make Chemistry a more useful Skill
Other: - The Mechajammer OST is now live on Steam!
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2021.12.07 08:04 Hogunit Vulkan at Istvaan 5, dispatching some traitors and getting some revenge diorama

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2021.12.07 08:04 BuckGB Expeditions: Rome - The Voices of Rome

Following the recent developer diary on voice-overs, THQ Nordic, the publishers of Logic Artists' upcoming historical RPG Expeditions: Rome, bring us a video where two of the game's prominent voice actors talk shop and discuss their experience working on Rome.
Check it out:
Learn more about the Voices of Rome as Lara Sawalha (Cleopatra) and Stephane Cornicard (Syneros) talk about their experience working on Expeditions: Rome together wit Logic Artists.
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2021.12.07 08:04 extremesatisfying Homemade Granola

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2021.12.07 08:04 Wasiq2 [Hire Me] for Excellent grades in Mathematics Calculus 1 2 and 3, Physics, Statistics and Chemistry Feel free to reach me out on chat, discord, or email if you care to discuss how to achieve your academic goals and want desired grades DISCORD: Brown#5433

[Hire Me] for Excellent grades in Mathematics Calculus 1 2 and 3, Physics, Statistics and Chemistry Feel free to reach me out on chat, discord, or email if you care to discuss how to achieve your academic goals and want desired grades DISCORD: Brown#5433 I am a Math, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and Statistics expert capable of getting you high grades in my yard of expertise.
• CALCULUS • Calculus 1, 2, 3, ODEs, PDEs, and everything related • REIMAN SUM • Vector and Tensor Analysis • Discrete Math • Linear & Abstract Algebra • Real Analysis • Complex Analysis • Probability and statistics
• STATISTICS • Algebra • Number theory • Probability theory • Data collection and Sampling methods • Management Accounting • Statistical Modeling
• PHYSICS [ Advance Level ] • Mechanics • Physics Fundamentals • Electricity and Magnetism • Thermal Physics • Semiconductors • Physics AP
• CHEMISTRY • Organic Chemistry • Inorganic Chemistry • Bio Physics • Oxidation and Reduction • Balancing Eqs
Feel free to reach me out on chat, discord, or email if you care to discuss how to achieve your academic goals and want desired grades
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2021.12.07 08:04 Silly_Ad5570 Does my patchy beard look better longer or shorter?

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2021.12.07 08:04 Pretend-Literature90 Help and advice in finding apartments!

Hi guys. I'm 24F and I'm coming to Seoul in January (after 15th or so) as an international student for Masters. Does anyone know good websites or realtors (ones who preferably speak English. I do speak Korean, but it's nowhere fluent) that can help me find a good apartment?
Incidentally, I've heard it's better to go and check the houses in real before signing a lease since photos can be misleading and the apartments smaller than what the realtors or websites say. Is it true? What advice would you give me for this?
Additionally, are houses not furnished when rented? It seems they're empty and I'd need to buy the furniture etc.
Also, does anyone know any airbnbs or hotels which allow people to quarantine themselves for the mandatory quarantine upon arrival? (I'm fully vaccinated, so I hope that will be a plus point in hotels or Airbnb allowing me to stay)
I'll be grateful if someone can help me out!!
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2021.12.07 08:04 shyanxiouskid I really do not understand this family at all and why they are still together

I have family on both sides. I haven’t talked to my dads side since birth basically and I grew up not speaking to my mum’s family but well over a year ago, I cut off my mother and my brother and every single member of my family through my mother. It was hard and it sucks only having my boyfriend sometimes but at least I know I’m a lot happier only having one person in my life who cares about me. My family are incredibly abusive and manipulative and staying would have been a detriment to me.
That is why I don’t understand the Brown’s. Maybe there isn’t physical abuse but there is definite emotional and verbal abuse a lot. The way they talk to each other, specifically Kody is narcissistic and horrible. Im not even going to get into why the wives stay as it’s been talked about a ton and I honestly think Robyn Janelle snd Meri are staying forever.
My concern is the kids. Do you think any of them have cut the family off or members of it? I know all the older ones in their 20s all live out of state and are independent but they seem to still at least talk to their mothers. You barely hear them talking to Kody or anything. I know there’s a disconnect between him and the kids but do you think any of them just don’t talk to him?
Surely there’s gonna be one day a bunch of those kids turning their back completely on the family when they realise they’ve been brainwashed their whole lives
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