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Is this legit???

2022.01.17 12:47 Efficient_Ad_8079 Is this legit???

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2022.01.17 12:47 Panzer_maus_16 I got this 31" yesterday what do you guys think

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2022.01.17 12:47 samplestiltskin_ Djokovic’s French Open title defence in doubt after Covid pass ruling

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2022.01.17 12:47 sky127865466754323 is it true that someone is following these delivery truck and stealing packages?

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2022.01.17 12:47 YeeT_MJCobra E giant no skill

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2022.01.17 12:47 Proper-Yak2755 Problems with playback in Adobe Premiere

I'm having a problem with my Insta 360 R One.
The footage I export from the Insta360 studio as an MP4 file will not play correctly in Premiere. I'm 100% sure I'm not accidently importing 360 footage. I'm using the 4k mod, not 360 footage. No matter what I do, no matter what bitrate (high or low), and no matter what resolution (high or low), Premiere will not properly playback these video files.
These files run completely fine out of Adobe with all of my video players. My computer is an absolute beast and can easily handle 4k footage. However, this footage won't playback fluidly even if I downsize it to 480p. I'm not joking. I have tried exporting the footage out of multiple programs--the 360 studio and Handbrake--and I've tried exporting it into different formats and using different video encoding... No luck. I'm pretty dumbfounded at this point--what could possibly be within the DNA of this footage that makes it and only it behave this way in adobe?
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2022.01.17 12:47 Fluid_Ad_6839 imagine flushing it

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2022.01.17 12:47 JoinTheAstleyCult My dad removed the latch from my door, and took the key to the lock

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2022.01.17 12:47 Kalpaabey20 F

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2022.01.17 12:47 Monigan_Photography Any thoughts on this shot I took during a cold morning practice?

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2022.01.17 12:47 iisweezy Quando a(o) ex pede pra ser amigo, mas como agir?

Vocês mulheres (principalmente) quando dizem isso... o que passa dentro de vocês para pedir amizade assim que terminam o namoro? quantos tempo (dias/meses) aconselham ficar distante pra amenizar os sentimentos ruins?
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2022.01.17 12:47 lh-09 to go to work

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2022.01.17 12:47 CRYPTOmemedaily 291% Growth in total developers on NEAR in a Year. I guess my investments are in better hands.

291% Growth in total developers on NEAR in a Year. I guess my investments are in better hands.
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2022.01.17 12:47 0Lucid Mechanic in FoCo

Any recommendations for a good/reliable mechanic in the area? I drive a Honda and it broke down this morning
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2022.01.17 12:47 xmcrookzz H:AA2590 LMG,V2515R Gatling Gun and a lot more Listed (can bundle)W:BE15R Minigun

B2525 44 PISTOL
AA2590 LMG
If Ur more interested in armor just let me know
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2022.01.17 12:47 CRYPTOsauceNews Polygon And Liberty Gaming Guild Partner Up To Lead The GameFi Space Race

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2022.01.17 12:47 Reyntoons Invites

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2022.01.17 12:47 redisno can everyone stop bitching about TBOB now?

It's fine, good even imo. I like the tuskens, but the chasing scene was pretty shit
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2022.01.17 12:47 GingerWitchASMR Skittish Squirrel Girlfriend Squirrels Away Biscuits | Anxiety | F4M Reverse Comfort ASMR

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2022.01.17 12:47 el-finko Can we fix this broken country?

A lot of the recent and not so recent tragedies in this country are causing lots of good and not so good debate.
I think we, the people, need to put more pressure on our respective politicians to make some serious changes. Our judicial system is a joke, our health system is worse, our education system teaches the wrong things and is geared up for one type of learner.
We all need to reevaluate our priorities in life and start to make some sacrifices to get the country we want.
But in all honesty, I think it's too late. There's so many ignorant, willful racists, homophobes, misogynist's, selfish, greedy, leery, violent, mean people.
It's f@#$%&d.
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2022.01.17 12:47 emberus_the_warrior how do you think MLK would feel about the communities today?

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2022.01.17 12:47 Terofal Skeletons should be racist towards wither skeleton, and always attack them

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2022.01.17 12:47 detroit_muslim_man_ fired first thing on monday morning.. Sad

Welp as the title states.
Late November i quit my FT job (bookkeeping/staff accountant) for a Seasonal Tax season job
reasons were: at my old job, I felt as if I wasnt learning at all and that majority of the job was data entry , but more of a responsibility role rather than actually learning..
Came here and knew the job would be data entry but at the same time I knew i would learn the basics and knowledge of returns, etc...
Anyway fast-foward to today, from the start of December to now, weve been training for 3 days a week on a tax software called ultra tax...
and usally we go by initials on the program when we do our trainings,
for example mine is LA , the other trainee is LS..
there were times where i would click on LS training files. because as a person with ADHD, it helped me understand... Just didnt think I would get caught, well when i did get caught by the trainer last week he asked me, and I sincerely told him that it helped me understand my mistakes, and LS is a smart dude btw so i doubt he was doing things wrong... they said not to do it, and they gave me a warning last friday and i said okay... **edit, i didnt do it again though.. Was just wanred and i knew better not to do it again, so now I didnt do it again.. Was warned on friday the 14th..
the guy that trains us is horrible and cant explain good, as a person with ADHD, i had no other choice but to look at his file for better understandings and for muscle memory, rather than me asking the trainer for "help", doesnt even help just says try figuring it out. I had no other choice, but it was way better than me asking the trainee for help in terms of understandings.
Clocked in first thing in the morning, they called me in the conference room, trainer told direcotro of what i was doing and they just decided to fire me...And because of that, they just assumed they werent confident in me, there was nothing for me to argue on my end except for what I said..
proceeded to move on and left immediately.
Just know that an employer doesnt care about the employee, were just a number at the end of the day...
I even got this job through a friend that worked there, and now that it happened, its understood that an employer wont care if their employee recommended this job to me.. <-- thats a reminder to those that feel like taking a that job because their friend recommended it to them and they feel like itll be more secure and safety net. turns out i was wrong..
well everybody has a turning point! this sure was mine, well I hate applying to jobs because it tooks me months to find a new job which wasnt even a FT postion either, just seasonal position thats how tough it is out there, well now it deffinitly motivated me to study for my CPA exam and before i wasnt studying actively or seriously, i hope this was the turning point for me to take my studying seriously.
Wish me luck yall,
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2022.01.17 12:47 Stefy_Uchiha Alchemist kit in Drezen

Who sells the alchemist kit in drezen? I can’t find it anywhere :(
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2022.01.17 12:47 GiantFemboi Diet advice

I want to loss about 50 pounds. I already go to the gym. What show i eat to be healther. Im nit trying to gain muslce but loss fat. Thanks for the help <3
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