You Think your family's psychotic?

Depressive psychosis doesn’t have a known cause. In some people, it’s thought that a chemical imbalances in the brain is a factor. However, researchers haven’t identified a specific cause. Psychosis occurs when an individual loses touch with reality—a break that can be terrifying to experience or to observe in a loved one. Psychosis can include hallucinations, delusions ... Dear Prudence Help! My Spouse Assured Me She Wasn’t a Disney Freak When We Married. That Was a “Psychotic Lie.” She knows I have a zero-tolerance policy, and she’s breaking it. Schizophrenia changes how you think, feel, and act.It might affect you differently from someone else. The symptoms can come and go, too. No one has all of them all of the time. They usually start ... What is a Delusional Attachment? A delusional attachment (DA) is a term that psychotics have coined as an alternative to the term 'Identity Delusion', in which someone believes that they are another 'being' than they actually are, whether that be a real person, a fictional character, a nonhuman creature, an object, etc. Psychosis is a serious mental disorder characterized by a disconnect from reality. We’ll explain the symptoms and causes as well as risk factors. If you think you or someone you love is experiencing psychosis, it's important to seek medical treatment immediately. The earlier you get treatment and intervention, the better. Experiencing psychotic symptoms can be scary to both you and the people around you and may even cause you to hurt yourself or others. “I don’t think January 6th is going to help the Democrats like the media seems to think it will,” tweeted radio host Erick Erickson. “But there is a genuine obsession in the press about it. It was a bad day, but it doesn’t outweigh crime, inflation, COVID, school closures, etc. for voters.” Loneliness may signal underlying psychotic experiences among adolescents, according to results of a population-based birth cohort study published in Schizophrenia Research. However, it did not ... think. Examples are hallucinations, delusions, marked positive formal thought disorder (manifested by marked incoherence, ... Schizophrenia is the most common psychotic disorder. (that may not be exactly true: “secondary psychotic disorders”, that is, psychotic

2022.01.17 12:29 CulturalWindow You Think your family's psychotic?

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2022.01.17 12:29 qbeam (na) norms rn? :o

hello !~ looking for some people to play casual norms/rgms w rn !! im an enchanter supp main. no toxicity pls. no vc. comment or pm me ur igns n i'll add u. thanku thanku c:
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2022.01.17 12:29 A35821363 January 20. On this date in 1922, American Bahá'í's cabled Shoghi Effendi "American rejoices appointment offers you its devoted services co-operation." His wife notes "After his breakdown and withdrawal for a period of time during 1922, he cabled America on 16 December, after his return to Haifa."

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2022.01.17 12:29 LearningStudent221 When you complain about plot holes or inconsistencies in a show and people say "it has dragons in it it's not supposed to be realistic dumdum"

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2022.01.17 12:29 Water2B Dear MTA! Why train in Brussels can stop and nyc train just cant?

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2022.01.17 12:29 BjornAxel What to do with 1.7 Litres of Jack Daniels Honey?

So my MIL knows I like whisky and this year got me a 70ml bottle of JDH. Very kind of her but I still have almost all of the litre bottle she got me last year. It's extremely sweet and not to my taste.
So far I have made some cocktails (lime, ginger beer, bitters, soda) which was nice enough but I am trying to drink a little less and obviously prefer drinking booze I actually like rather than trying to make something palatable.
I made a pan sauce, deglazing the pan with JDH, adding chicken stock and a little butter and it was tasty but the overwhelming honey flavour made it an odd pairing for savoury eating.
What the hell shall I use it for? Barbecue mop? Are they any deserts it might bake well into? Whacky ideas welcome.
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2022.01.17 12:29 crytoloover TOP MEME COINS | XRP DOGE COIN NEW | KISHU INU | SHIB 🚀🚀🚀

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2022.01.17 12:29 dduff21 [Performance Issue] Low GPU / CPU Usage, any advice is useful!

Hi All,
I am really struggling for FPS in this wipe, and I believe its down to my game just not utilizing my GPU and CPU properly but im unsure of how to tell it to use more I guess. I get at highest, around 65% GPU Usage and at lows (Running across the bridge on customs for some reason) I get around 15% GPU Usage which sits me nicely around 20fps.

CPU: i5-10600k
RAM: 32gb 3200Mhz
GPU: RTX 3090
Resolution: 2560x1440

Framerate Screenshot
Graphics Settings Screenshot

I have set the Priority of EFT to High in Task Manager, I have also tried changing the NVIDIA Control Panel settings to uncap framerate to see if that makes a difference in any way, but it didnt.
Graphics drivers are on the latest setting, and I just got out of God of War which used 98% GPU so I know its not an issue with the card.

Any help is appreciated!
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2022.01.17 12:29 sddrea34 Ead

Come to Kuka and meet the goddess in your dreams!
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2022.01.17 12:29 brandon1stox1c Just want to share some hope to you guys

I’ve talked about my break up on here before, but I want everyone to know, that there is most definitely light at the end of the tunnel.
I am still VERY fresh in this breakup but i want to share some lessons i learned after giving my ex some time.
When i had messaged her to go to lunch with me in hopes to reconcile, and she kept talking to me like i’m her friend. All i wanted for a week is to have her back, and to do everything i can. She kept trying to friend zone me. I was straight up with her and told her I don’t wanna sit here after two years of soulmates and pretend we are just friends. If she didn’t want a relationship that’s fine, but i definitely didn’t want to be her friend. She told me she could only ever see me as a friend. And that she came to that realization a long time ago
The lessons to be learned here is how communication is so important in future relationships. Don’t be with someone who won’t communicate with you, and most definitely don’t bend over backwards for them. Realize your self worth, they don’t want to be with you anymore, why should you want to waste time with them? Spend time working on yourself to better yourself for the future relationships and find someone who truly loves you. Someone who won’t abandon you out of no where. Realize your self worth and set the boundaries of what you want. If they can’t respect that, don’t waste your time.
Does it hurt that i lost her? Absolutely. Sucks major weiner. But the fact is that i lost her. The person i fell in love with is dead. And she is not that person anymore. It’s time to move on to someone who will value me more then she did. How this can give y’all some clarity. Hope for the best in life <3
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2022.01.17 12:29 Far_Eye8742 glamrock foxy

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2022.01.17 12:29 Charade_y0u_are [Baltic x Revolution & The Rake] Salmon? Copper? Bueller?

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2022.01.17 12:29 dimasasus Mined up all of the barnacles on a leviathan without it submerging.
So recently I was serpent hunting during a storm at night and stumbled upon a leviathan. I've mined up all of the barnacles entirely without it starting to submerge. The wiki says it has a 10% chance of submerging every time you hit a barnacle. Am I just that lucky or does that have something to do with weather?
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2022.01.17 12:29 Tough_Poet5233 Mia Khalifa - Best Video !!!

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2022.01.17 12:29 kyusan Storing an array of references

Short version
I'm looking how to store a list of foreign keys but so far, I found anything in the official documentation and Google returns me some old posts on going development but nothing concrete and recent.
Is it possible to do something like this ?
Long version
I'm working on a form app to collect testimonies after an earthquake. The database look something like this : Form <- Question <- Choice Something very classical but I have also to store conditions when to displaying or not a question depending of what the users answered. So I was thinking to create a Condition table pointing to a Question and storing a list of choice_id that the users should had choosen. And it could contains many conditions for one question to be able to store conditions like this one :
Condition1(choice_id AND choice_id) OR Condition2(choice_id) OR Condition3(choice_id AND choice_id AND choice_id)
I could create an additional table to group conditions but as I only need a choice_id list per condition, I would like to avoid creating an additional table and simply store the list of choice FK references.
Thank you in advance :)
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2022.01.17 12:29 alwayspagodhays Expats in Albania

Hi, it's your VA again!
Can you tell me how's it living in Albania? What are the best places to stay if you are an American (or an expat in general)? Any tips on living there for about 2-3 months? Thank you.
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2022.01.17 12:29 HockeyPowerRanker r/hockey NHL Power Rankings Week 14: Another Wasted McDavid year? Edition

/Hockey NHL Power Rankings Week Jan 10, 2022 - Jan 16, 2022 Thank You Thank you to all of the volunteers doing the power rankings. Each ranker has their own system and have their own reasonings and analyis. It truly is a lot of work.
Rankers steckums nodessb kingclam2 blueferret98 timmablimma mcrsft3brdev maxpowr9 sandman730 hrint dsnake91 rawrberry_ silkeystev lang14 mdlt97 thatmikeguy429 brolil hockeycross recockulous jeruslam77 dagetawayman421 doktortimo homicidal_penguin philbob99
Organizers lang14 keepitsteadyidiots
Visualization The visualization contains historical data, so you can see how your team has done over time. Hopefully, we can run this for many years in hopes that we can see the rise and fall of teams by /hockey opinion.
It automatically updates so feel free to bookmark. You can find it here
Process How does this work? Throughout the course of the week rankers are able to access an app that will allow them to rank teams. At the end of the period we calculate the average ranking for every team and collate all of the analysis provided by rankers.
The app then generates a post that is first proofread and then posted to /hockey!

Ranking (avg) Team Delta Overall Record Record This Week Comments
1 (1.67) Florida Panthers 1 26-7-5 3-0-0 50 goals in 8 games. 21 goals in 3 games. 16 goals in 25 hours. What a time to be a Florida Panthers fan! Offensive things are happening in Sunrise in a serious way. All-Star winger Jonathan Huberdeau is outdoing himself, leading the league in assists and within reach of the lead for points. But the contributions are coming from all over the lineup, with 8 players on pace for 20+ goals. Florida is on an 8-0-1 run and looks exactly like they did in October. Here's a mid-season breakdown of how the Panthers season has gone thus far.
2 (3.42) Carolina Hurricanes -1 25-8-2 1-1-0 "Some days you eat a poop sandwich" thanks Justin Williams for helping me drop them with a great quote. It's weird going from a 4-3 OTL to the Panthers to a 6-0 shit canning by the Blue Jackets to beating the Canucks 4-1 all in the same week. Being without Slavin due to COVID is hard, but also not knowing why he was scratched on Saturday is potential cause for concern and maybe does spark the need to go after another defenseman before the trade deadline. PK still elite. The COVID pauses have been really hard to gauge where this team's true potential is as they thrive on their conditioning. Having one game, then five day rest, then game then five day rest is not ideal and hard to maintain. They've played in the bottom 6 in games played, but are the leader in RW and ROW, so a good litmus test of where they would be in the playoffs started tomorrow. Three big games this week to further cement that: Boston on Willie O'Ree Night, Rangers and Devils in a Back-to-Back/Home-and-Away.
3 (4) Colorado Avalanche 1 24-8-3 3-0-1 Great week for the Avs, Finally #1 in the division. Only loss was one in OT to Nashville who was on two days rest vs a traveling back to back Avs team. The Avs started 4-5-1 and since only have 5 losses, which is kind of insane. Kuemper got his first shutout with the Avs as well. The PK is still abysmal, but you can tell they have changed something with it so they are not just doing the same thing. 4 more games again this week lets hope it goes just as well.
4 (4.42) Tampa Bay Lightning 1 26-9-5 3-0-0 What more needs to be said, Kuch scores his first goal since being back on the roster, then he goes and scores 2 more for his first hattrick since March of 2017. This was followed up with strong wins over Vancouver and Dallas. I'm saying it, February could get really spicy for the team and for the league.
5 (5.08) Toronto Maple Leafs -2 24-9-3 2-1-0
6 (7.5) New York Rangers - 25-10-4 2-1-0 A good week for NYR. Despite missing very important players in Panarin and Shesterkin due to COVID, the team has been playing well. They opened up the week with a solid 4-1 win over the Oilers, which was a good two points to pick up. Unfortunately the next game didn't go as well as the previous, as Vegas was able to pick up the win 5-1 over the Rangers. The game against the Ducks was a great one, with Lindgren scoring two goals, a first for his career. Great week as a whole for the Rangers and hopefully they can keep stacking up wins. LGR!
7 (7.79) Pittsburgh Penguins 2 22-10-5 2-1-0 Welcome to Pittsburgh, future Vezina Trophy winner Louis Domingue. You have to wonder if anybody in Tampa watching the Penguins vs. Sharks game questioned whether they might have let the wrong goalie get away . . . Anyway, back to reality, in which the Pens still have the second best PK in the league and Jake Guentzel is not an All Star but does have 12 goals and 23 total points in his last 15 games. So that's something.
8 (8.54) Minnesota Wild - 22-10-2 1-0-0 And here it is your two allstars Kirill Kaprizov and uhhhhhh Cam Talbot? Yeah I’m just as confused as you
9 (9.54) St. Louis Blues 2 22-11-5 1-1-0 Looks like we got a goalie controversy on our hands boys if you don't like that you don't like St. Louis Blues hockey!!!
10 (9.79) Boston Bruins 4 22-11-2 4-0-0 The Bs are buzzing right now. This is the Bruins team fans were hoping for. Two hattricks in 2 days, Tuukka getting his first win since the playoffs last season, depth scoring still showing up; including a 5 point game by Grzelcyk against the Caps. Only thing I miss is the wholesome goalie hugs between Ullmark and Swayman. However, the Finn-Swede rivalry capitulates to a battle for the Bruins net.
11 (10.54) Nashville Predators -1 24-12-3 1-1-1 Saros was human this week after winning 5 games without his save percentage under 950. That game in Buffalo showed that even as god-like as he has been he can still be human sometime.
12 (10.58) Vegas Golden Knights - 23-14-2 0-0-1 Hi This is the Isles ranker just putting something here for the teams that did not have a blurb last week as so they dont fell left out, sorry if this is all you get, but I think you might prefer this over the Sharks, Kings, or Ducks ranker writing your blurb
13 (10.67) Washington Capitals -5 21-9-9 1-2-0 Hooray! The power play finally started working (when our PP coach was in COVID)... just in time for the Caps to skid into the wildcard slots going 1-3-2 since the ball dropped. What's the problem with the Caps? Well, they stopped hitting, getting outhit in four of their five losses with the lone exception being against the Bruins (but as someone who attended that game, they went thru long stretches without hitting anyone and the Bruins didn't look scared to wait that extra second to make a play. This team will continue to sink in the rankings until they amp up their hitting.
14 (14.75) Los Angeles Kings 7 20-13-5 3-0-0 Huge week for the Kings. Finally all cylinders seem to be running at max and it results in the kings having a 4-win game streak and not only a playoff spot but within striking distance of the division lead. With the pacific division being as weak as it is, the Kings have a very real shot at making the playoffs as long as they can playing .500 hockey. Finding that consistency has been a problem for them so far this season, but if they figure it out, one has to like their chances.
15 (15.33) Calgary Flames -2 17-11-6 0-1-0 Flames played 1 game last week as per their new Pee-Wee Hockey schedule of playing 1 game per week. Extremely hard to build momentum while playing so little. No surprise as the flames lose again this week to the Senators. I would say its time to call up a player or two from Stockton and sit any combo of Pitlick, Lewis, Richardson, Monahan, Coleman and Backlund. Only 1 game this week as the flames (probably) play the oilers.
16 (16) Winnipeg Jets 1 17-12-5 1-0-0
17 (17.42) Anaheim Ducks -2 19-15-7 0-3-0 I think we suck again, which is fine I guess. At least Lukas Dostal looks really exciting.
18 (18) Dallas Stars - 18-15-2 1-2-0 That was not a fun road trip at least their next game is in Dallas. The Stars had two goals in two road games when they visited the 27th state. For those of y’all that want to know scoring two goals in two games is not good. If the news about Klinger is true all I ask is that the Bloos don’t get him. That would be the worst news.
19 (18.21) San Jose Sharks - 20-17-2 1-1-1 Good week, the Sharks played better than their record lets on. Properly outplayed the Red Wings, and played very well against the Rangers and Pens but ran into some hot goalies. D could've been tighter in our losses, but overall I felt our play was solid this week, it was nice to see the Sharks play well against some good teams. Hopefully the coming week will yield better results if we keep up the good play.
20 (19.63) Edmonton Oilers -4 18-15-2 0-1-0 I don’t know where to go with this team. It feels rotten We have this core essentially in place for next year as well. If this core is not able to work through it then next season is a wash too. We are burning years on Drai and McDavid. I cannot remember the last time a franchise left two of the leagues dominant players out to dry like this
21 (21.29) Detroit Red Wings 2 17-17-5 1-1-1 Another week, another 1-1-1 week. To get back into the Wild Card the Wings will need better than 0.500 hockey, their pace will need to change to 0.7 to get back into the Wild Card. It might be too late for them, but at least Larkin looks back and Seider and Raymond look great. dsnake91 says Playoff hopes are all but dead at this point
22 (21.54) Vancouver Canucks -2 17-18-3 1-3-0 While not necessarily outplayed by the top teams on this road trip there is a noticeable lack of finish compared to them.
23 (22.63) Columbus Blue Jackets -1 17-18-1 1-2-0 Well, we scored 6 vs the Canes, but the Panthers scored 9 against us. Third week in a row that the Jackets give up 7 or more goals in a game. At least we can officially call this a rebuild year, since the East is all but decided at this point.
24 (23.88) Chicago Blackhawks 3 15-18-5 3-0-0 Fleury has allowed a total of 5 GA on our 4-game win streak, earning his 70th career shutout Saturday. Jakub Galvas and Lukas Reichel made their NHL debuts. Kane ended a 13-game goalless drought.
25 (25.88) New Jersey Devils -1 14-18-5 0-1-0 Well we lost to the Isles but only by one with fringe goalie Gilles in net and an EBUG on the bench. At this rate we'll break the Flyers record of most goalies used in a season... But this team is really depressing to watch because it feels like every time we have some players step forward, we have some step back, or lose others to injuries. This team is young and it's still before the halfway mark of the season, but it's hard to not feel defeatist about this season as a whole.
26 (25.96) New York Islanders - 11-13-6 1-1-0 I dont know if i am more tired of this team, or the rotating cast of people who sit behind me at UBS who clearly only watch one out of every 8 games and complain about THE WRONG PLAYERS. Like this guy at the last gay saying "Wahlstom should not be on the powerplay, he is a bust of a prospect" YET HE LEADS THE TIME IN PPGs AND IS TIED FOR PPPs! The person from the game before that was shitting on trots (he did not know his name, just called him 'the coach') saying stuff like "look at him standing there, he does not know what he is doing. Putting Dobson on the powerplay? get the fuck out of here" I was about ready to turn around, smack him and than explain that 'the coach' name is Barry Trotz, he is one of the best parts about this team, and he has taken some time off from the team BECASE HIS MOTHER DIED A FEW WEEKS AGO AND NOW HAS COVID KEEPING HIM FROM THE TEAM! fucking morons...
27 (26.71) Philadelphia Flyers -2 13-17-7 0-2-0 These 2 games were flat-out embarrassing. The flyers are not skating, not playing. Totally checked out. It's hard to take them seriously at all after that Rangers game. The coaching change didn't work, its time to flip players.
28 (26.75) Ottawa Senators 2 11-18-2 2-0-0 Two big wins in Alberta help take the pain away of only playing once in 26 days. The Sens smothered the Flames and got some great goaltending from Matt Murray, leading to a 4-1 win. Then, there were the Oilers. Ottawa was winless in 9 games vs the Oilers last year, so this was opportunity for some revenge. Down 2 going into the third, the Senators stormed back with 5 goals in the period to win 6-4 while holding McDavid pointless.
29 (28.71) Buffalo Sabres - 11-20-6 1-2-0 With the goalie injury carousel, it's probably not a good idea to give up 40 shots; in any case Detroit has had our number this year. Its also really not a good sign to have shots in the low 20's every night. We got to see Dell's first win as a Sabre though this week, via a strong performance from Dell and Skinner.
30 (29.79) Seattle Kraken -2 10-23-4 0-4-0 The struggle continues. The team can't hold leads when it gets them and certainly can't completely dig themselves out of a hole. Let's see if we can get a rare win from the Hawks on Monday.
31 (30.38) Arizona Coyotes - 8-24-4 1-1-1 Toronto met Karel Vejmelka this week, who - if you've been reading my blurbs all year - has been an amazing find by the Yotes scouts. The former 5th rd pick by Nashville was signed as a free agent from the Czech League. The Yotes also had a quality start by another goalie of the future, Ivan Prosvetov, against Colorado. The Yotes have figured out HC Andre Tourigny's system and are starting to play some good hockey, even with a roster full of AHL talent. Look for the MLK day matchup against the Habs on Monday to see who takes the inside track toward Shane Wright in the '22 draft.
32 (31.63) Montreal Canadiens - 7-24-5 0-1-1 The team has clearly quit on Ducharme, the effort levels are pretty pathetic, but even if they weren't the team is still very injured and not very good. Suzuki is being overworked as he has been the only healthy player and his offence has suffered from it. (still playing elite-level defence) There are not many positive things to talk about, The habs have 1 win in the last 50 days as of this post, one goddamn win in the last fifty days...... We have yet to win back-to-back games this season. We cannot score, we cannot defend, our goalies suck. It's Tough.
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2022.01.17 12:29 TronicBoy Sleep hacking: Parapsychology tips for Sleep Better

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2022.01.17 12:29 RITM_Is_Gonna_Get_U Looking for an app that can help organize and divide possessions

Basically I have a room that has a lot of stuff in it. Some stuff I want to keep, some donate, some sell, etc. Is there an inventory style app that would allow me to organize them in that manner? I've tried Encircle and Magic Home Inventory but they aren't quite what I'm looking for. I want to organize around "get rid of" and "keep this"
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2022.01.17 12:29 Johndoe_718 What is Starting pay for a beginner car salesman?

I’m interested in becoming a car salesman. The training pays $2000. How much would I be able to make after that a week as a beginner working at a Honda dealership? Let’s hear your stories of how much you started making and how Much you make now.
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2022.01.17 12:29 boz71 Friendship problem

I’ll give everyone fake names so it’s anonymous,
Boy: me Girl 1: Sandra Girl 2: Kelly Boy 2: Zach
So this is an online friend group, we’ve been friends for a little more than a year now, and Sandra used to be my best friend, she would tell me everything, I would tell her everything, and she one day told me she liked Kelly, so I helped and gave advice on how to get with her Ig, and finally they kinda did, Sandra didn’t talk to me much after that, she still did but not like before, during this time me and Kelly became good friends, and she would help me, but when Kelly and Sandra got together, both of them barely called, and Zach didn’t call a lot either Bc he’s busy, so I was alone a lot, I knew for a fact they were calling alone, which is ok, but it happens so much that I never get to rly call with both of them a lot, I also felt really out, so idk, and Sandra barely talked to be even more, like it could be weeks and she wouldn’t say anything, I talked to her so many time, literally dozens of time about this, ofc I don’t want to push her to talk to me tho. I hate Sandra and Kelly’s relationship now, which might be selfish but I can’t help it, I talk to Kelly about some stuff, ofc not the stuff about disliking their relationship because that wouldn’t be good, but I said I feel like Sandra doesnt care, but Kelly said she does but idk, I asked for advice on Reddit before and most people said that they aren’t my friends and I should leave, but idk, I’d rather not, I mean I am starting to hate Sandra but Kelly is my best friend.
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2022.01.17 12:29 qutx tornado

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2022.01.17 12:29 Affectionate-Map2583 Younger GenXers, now's your chance!

Processing img uww08jmdn9c81...
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2022.01.17 12:29 Muy_Nobre_Invicta Dia especial na vida de João: fotografia com os jogadores e o presente de Diogo Costa

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